Super Talent Introduces USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Monday Super Talent Technology launched its latest Storage POD external hard drive, offering a 500GB capacity and speedy transfers thanks to a USB 3.0 interface. Costing a mere $99.99, the new USB 3.0 model reportedly has three times more available power and a theoretical throughput that is ten times faster than Super Talent's previous USB 2.0 version.

"The USB 3.0 Storage POD is going to change the perception of external storage," said CH Lee, COO of Super Talent. "No longer should an external USB drive seen as second-class storage. Now you can upgrade the storage capabilities of your existing system without opening the case and in a convenient form factor that you can take with you anywhere."

Granted, to take advantage of the external drive's speedy connection, consumers will need the highly coveted USB 3.0 port-- a fairly new tech that's just now beginning to show up in current desktops and laptops. Consumers stuck using USB 2.0 ports can still use the new drive, however the full dose of SuperSpeed won't be available.

However, when connecting the drive to a USB 3.0 port, the company claims that it can function as fast or faster than the internal hard drive, reaching transfer speeds up to 90 MB/s. "The Storage POD is ideal for anyone who wishes to expand the storage capabilities of their current machine," the company said. "It’s not just for backups any more."

The USB 3.0 Storage POD doesn't require an external power source, and weighs around 200 grams. The device is available for pre-order now at $99.99, and will start shipping out in early January.

To get a brief taste of Super Talent's new drive, check out the video below!

  • Von Death
    Sweet, now I just need to get a pci ---> USB 3.0 adapter. Hope this helps cue other companies to pick up new USB 3.0 product lines.
  • eddieroolz
    The price is a bit expensive for 500GB in my opinion, but for some the USB3.0 will make up for it.
  • Gin Fushicho
    This is very nice, and priced extremely well for a pocket external like that, considering it has USB 3.0
  • dEAne
    At last a true SATA performance, now we wait for the price to drop.