Razer's Gaming Netbook Concept Set for Release

Our curiosity was well and truly piqued when peripheral company Razer showed off its concept gaming netbook, the Switchblade, at CES this year. However, it seems the product has moved on from its days as a well put together concept, as Razer is now preparing to launch the device in China.

Razer confirmed the Chinese launch at IDF Beijing earlier today. Packing a 7-inch touchscreen display, the Switchblade runs on Intel’s Oak Trail platform and a full version of Windows 7. However, the most interesting part of the device is definitely the keyboard. The fully programmable keys sit on top of an LCD panel that allows users to change the actual symbols on the keys the standard QWERTY layout to more gaming-friendly configurations.

Not a peep on pricing and release, which isn’t surprising when you consider the device is only being localized for the Chinese market now. We expect we’ll hear something a little more solid very soon. In the meantime, PC World reports that Razer has said the device will be ‘affordable.’ So, who’s interested?

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  • the_krasno
    Do want! With such a small screen it shouldn't need a terribly beefy GPU. Throw in a bluetooth mouse and you are set to play FPS too.
  • upsetchubbs
    Hah that keyboard idea is actually kind of cool in a sense, if there are like ridges in between the keys so my fingers don't slide like on a touchscreen that's definately cool.
  • alikum
    Since it's for gaming, why OakTrail? AMD has a much better offering in that segment