Thermaltake Intros Mouse With Finger-Cooling Fan

Are your fingers burning up with all that twitch gaming? If so, Thermaltake as the answer for keeping those delicate digits cool with the release of the Black Element gaming mouse, Cyclone Edition. It's billed as the world's first gaming mouse with a fan-cooling design. That's right: it has a fan mounted right on the front, blowing air across your knuckles.

Based on the specs, it appears that the fan plugs into the mouse via a USB port mounted on the front, meaning it can be unplugged at any time. The fan speed is 6,000 RPM, the size is 30 x 30 x 10-mm, and the life expectancy is 50,000 hours. The noise level is 21.7 dB while the max airflow is 2.7 CFM.

As for the actual mouse, it features a Tt Pro Grade Gaming laser sensor 6500 DPI Engine (100 - 6500 DPI Adjustable), an OMRON gaming switch capable of up to 5 million keystrokes, nine fully customizable macro keys, an industrial-grade rubber-coating finish for better gripping, on-board 128KB memory storage for 45 macro keys in five game profiles, and a braided USB cable with a gold-plated connector.

Also on the list of specs is a weight-in design, allowing users to adjust the gadget's weight of up to 22.5g to suit their specific preference. The gadget's pause-break lighting effect can also be adjusted with five different colors including red, blue, green, light blue and pink (Marcus' favorite color). Unfortunately, the fan doesn't offer any lighting effects -- that would have been really cool, no pun intended.

For more information about the Black Element Cyclone Edition gaming mouse, head here. So far there's no word on availability and pricing, but local retailers include Best Buy, Radio Shack, CompUSA, Tiger Direct and more.