A Carrying Case to Fit Your LAN Party Needs

The Transporter Carry Bag is made out of special polyester material with the dimensions of 23.62" x 11.82" x 23.62" (L*W*H). In addition, it has a 11.82" x 1.81" x 11.82" (L*W*H) large pocket and a small pocket of 11.82" x 1.81" x 9.06" (L*W*H) on either side of the carrying bag for your other peripherals. 

Transporter Carry BagTransporter Carry Bag


- Rain/Dust/Snow resistant
- Designed to fit even the largest gaming chassis including the Level 10 GT or Corsair 800D
- Store your peripherals such as your keyboard, mouse & headset
- Holds up to 220 pounds
- Red/Black styling

Transporter Carry BagTransporter Carry Bag

Read more on the Thermaltake Transporter Carry Bag at the product page.

Edit: Overall dimensions corrected to 23.62" x 11.82" x 23.62" (L*W*H)

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  • proxy711
    Hmm the only thing i wonder about is how the opening to get the case into the bag is on the bottom so all the weight is on the zipper used to close it.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    LOLWUT? All modern games dropped LAN support, and I'm somewhat tired of LANing old stuff.. I wish I could LAN stuff like Space Marine. LAN, NOT play over the Internet with the horrible lag I'm getting in my area.

    And I always preferred LAN parties with a gaming laptop, but if you have a car, I guess a desktop could do :D
  • maigo
    Still to small for my rig