Thermaltake Uses New Alloy In Coolers


Taipei (Taiwan) - Thermaltake says a new metal alloy will improve the performance of its upcoming generation of compressor coolers. At the Computex tradeshow in Taipei, a company representative told TG Daily the new material combines the best properties of copper and aluminum and could reduce temperatures inside cases by up to 30 degrees Celsius.

Thermaltake’s Ramsom Koay claims that the company went out on a limb and created not just another compressor cooler (the same type of cooling that modern refrigerators use), but a completely new type of metal material for the device. Subjectively, the new metal is actually much more flexible than any cooling material we have encountered. We expect the technology to support CPU and GPU (ATI and Nvidia) cooling.

The new design promises to cool parts down to 18 - 28 degrees Celsius. Thermaltake wants to ship the OEM/ODM/SI design as soon as possible, while enthusiasts, gamer, and overclockers will have to wait until Thermaltake has sufficient supply of the new material.

The compressor will come in two versions: One is OEM/ODM/SI-friendly and shows limited modifications, while the second version (which is not yet ready to ship) will feature flexible cabling for the CPU and the GPU. Both versions will be available before the end of the year, Thermaltake said.