HP Launches Budget and Touch All-in-One PCs

Available tomorrow on HP's website, the Omni100 packs a 20-inch, 1600x900 HD display; a 1.8GHz Athlon II 260u CPU; 3GB of RAM; Radeon HD 4270 integrated graphics; and 500GB of storage. The PC also features the latest version of HP's MediaSmart software and Windows 7. Pricing for the Omni100 starts at $499.

Though the Omni100's low price makes it attractive to those looking for a budget all-in-one, the one making headlines is HP's new TouchSmart 310, which the computer manufacturer claims packs the most advanced version of the company's TouchSmart software to date. HP is touting this software update as a huge improvement because it includes multilayered wallpapers, the ability to drag and drop applications onto the desktop, and new "Carousel" and "Magic Menu" features that allow users to easily locate applications and content. There's also the addition of dedicated built-for-touch applications for Facebook, the Cartoon Network and Marvel Comics. The Marvel application provides access to Marvel's online library of 8,000 comics including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Spider-Man and Wolverine.

Under the hood you've got 2.8GHz Athlon II 240e dual-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, Radeon HD 4270 integrated graphics, a 1TB drive and a 20-inch 1600x900 2.8GHz Athlon II 240e dual-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, Radeon HD 4270 integrated graphics, a 1TB drive and a 20-inch 1600x1900 display. The TouchSmart310 will also be available from HP's site starting tomorrow, and from selected retailers starting October 24, for $699.

  • LuigiVN
    Looks very cool for a basic- media usage desktop, touch is a nice feature.
  • nevertell
    Is it really higher than it is wide ? Though I'd love to see a 1900 by 1600 resolution on a screen.
  • azcoyote
    That would be perfect for my kids or in the kitchen... Hmm..
    Other than that...
  • Anomalyx
    I have a feeling they meant 1600x900? Isn't that a decently common resolution?
  • liveonc
    How hard is it to fit a small 4-32GB SSD just for Windows & an HDMI/VGA "in" so a person who intends to have a small PC/Screen & a big gaming rig can do it?
  • darkchazz
    Can that integrated graphics card even handle that resolution?!
  • nforce4max
    This looks to be a decent product at a reasonable price so no idiot doesn't try to play high end games on it. Fit it with a SSD and it will be a nice low noise machine.
  • Darkv1
    I'm hoping that those resolution figures are wrong...otherwise finding/ making wallpapers for something like this could be a pain...
  • iam2thecrowe
    the only problem with all in ones is when it comes to repairing them. Having to buy a HP LCD or HP motherboard is expensive. Just recently replaced a HP desktop PC plastic front bezel for a customer, $160!. You could buy the whole case for that!. oh, and $140 for a 350wpsu!@ Nice one HP, way to rake in the cash!
  • dEAne
    Hope this is not a pain in my mind, most hp products I got are really problematic.