VIDEO - Thermaltake BlacX Drive Dock Reviewed

Los Angeles (CA) - With all the expensive products we see and review, it’s pretty refreshing to play with something that doesn’t suck. We recently bought the Thermaltake BlacX hard drive dock for a measly $40 from NewEgg. We didn’t expect much from it, but quickly discovered that this is a must buy for storage fanatics.

Video review of Thermaltake’s BlacX SATA drive dock

The device is amazingly simple, so simple that you have to slap your forehead and think "Why didn’t someone else market this before?" The dock plugs into your USB port and accepts both regular and notebook-sized SATA hard drives. Just dock a drive and you’ll be able to access your data in about 10 seconds after powering up.

The BlacX doesn’t require any drivers and we tested the unit on both PCs and Macs.

  • X-BASS
    I have been using, disassembled external USB cases inside the PC case, in order to get several HardDisks installed, and beeing able to switch them off from the front panel when no need to retrive data from theme.

    I have built this for years for my friends.

    (Sorry for my english)