MSI to Introduce Intel Oak Trail WindPad at CES

Among the companies using CES as a launch pad for its new line of tablet designs is MSI. Back in June, at Computex in Taiwan, we were introduced to the WindPad brand. MSI had two WindPads, both 10-inch tablets, one each for Windows 7 and Android fans.

This week, the company has confirmed its plans to show off Windows and Android tablets but, unfortunately, it didn't reveal much else. However, Engadget has a little more information on MSI's CES announcement and reports that the Windows device will be one of the first Oak Trail devices to be announced.

MSI's Director of North American Sales Andy Tung told the site that Intel's tablet solution shows improvement in both battery and performance when compared to the current Atom chips, but added that these are "not extremely significant." Specswise, you're looking at a 1024x600 multitouch display, mini HDMI and USB ports, and SD support.

Also at CES will be MSI's Android offering, which will run either Gingerbread or Google's specially-optimized-for-tablets version of Android, Honeycomb, and pack Nvidia's Tegra 2 chipset. Tung told Engadget that the version of Android would depend on how fast Google could make Honeycomb available.

Mr. Tung said both should be available early in 2011 but declined to discuss pricing.

  • dogman_1234
    Anybody hear any Bobcat CPU's in tablets and/or netbooks?
  • abswindows7
    I've heard of MSI dual core bobcat 1.6 ghz with 890 stream process as a nettop.
    On the french version of toms hardware.
    lol @ the 890 stream processor tho.
  • amdwilliam1985
    I think Bobcat is too power-hungry for tablets. It's better for netbooks.
  • huron
    Looking forward to the wave of tablets. It'd be nice to have some competitors in the space...I've got all sorts of things that I could use a decent-spec and moderately-priced tablet to do.
  • falchard
    I like MSI. They got guts.
  • apache_lives
    falchardI like MSI. They got guts.
    No they dont
  • retrig
    The guy in the pic needs to have his Endgadget tattoo touched up, it's really fading.
  • shovenose
    retrigThe guy in the pic needs to have his Endgadget tattoo touched up, it's really fading.LOL!
  • dEAne
    Two PC products that I find it funny looking acer and msi but the quality is very good, it serves me well for several years.
  • coffee_man
    why i no more see thumps up's or thumps down's for comments ?????? all of them are 0 now !!!!!!!