Eager Fan Campaigns for Windows 7 Release Now

Earlier in the week we reported that general availability for the Windows 7 beta was set to end February 10. At the time you all seemed pretty cool with it. Plenty of time left to download, right? Turns out not everyone is so sensible.

Before general availability has even ended, one eager user has started an online campaign demanding Microsoft get on with things and release the new operating system right now.

Kelly Poe of Tennessee has a petition up online and is campaigning for Microsoft to “let the beautiful little birdy fly.”

“I'm a BIG Windows fan and have been loving what Microsoft has done with the recent Beta Release of Windows 7. There have been so many great reviews from people like Leo and Paul Thurrott, needless to say I'm jones'n for the release of Windows 7.

So here we are...let's join together and get Micorsoft to release Windows 7™...enough with this Beta stuff...release it already!!! Let the beautiful little birdy (with the odd name) fly!!!"

While we’re eager to see what the full release of Windows 7 has to offer, we’re all for Microsoft taking all the time it needs to make sure the new release is as bug-free as possible upon release.

Just as a little memo, if you’re still looking to download the beta, get right on it. General availability ends Feb. 10 and unfinished downloads will only continue through to Feb. 12. Click here to go straight to the download page. Oh and if you want to add your name to the sixty six other people who have signed up click here.

(Via TechFlash)

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  • The_Blood_Raven
    Wow lets rush Microsoft with the release of a new Windows... that's a good idea...
  • JMcEntegart
    The_Blood_RavenWow lets rush Microsoft with the release of a new Windows... that's a good idea...

    My thoughts exactly. Not a good idea, at all.
  • Other Comments
  • ispyamoose
    I'm sure that she also wanted the early release of Windows Vista as well. Windows 7 isn't THAT good. Microsoft should focus on fixing Vista first.
  • The_Blood_Raven
    Wow lets rush Microsoft with the release of a new Windows... that's a good idea...
  • A Stoner
    Go for it, Microsoft needs another Vista debacle about as much as, well I hope you get the sarcasm intended there... If it gets released as it is, I will stick with windows XP for another generation of windows.

    What microsoft needs to do is work closer with anti virus companies and get the INTRUSIVE UAC to be more or less silent for just about every task. If I have to tell windows 3 or more times that I want to accomplish a task, that is 2 or more times more than needed. Unless Windows is informed there is a real threat it needs to just what I say. Are you sure you want to start a process from a file you downloaded from the internet? Yes. Are you sure you want to allow this signed by AVG process to continue? Yes. Process by AVG wants to change system files or folders, are you sure you want this to happen? Yes. Windows is currently blocking access to the internet for AVG, what do you want to do, allow access, keep blocking? Allow Access. I mean seriously?