Tom's Guide: Windows Live Messenger Tips & Tricks

You're probably no stranger to Windows Messenger but you're probably not getting the most out of the service either. The team over on Tom's Guide has put together a list of tips and tricks that will help you squeeze the best performance and utility out of Microsoft's IM service. Check out 'Windows Live Messenger Tips & Tricks' for the full list.

Windows Live Messenger is Microsoft's instant messaging client for its Windows Live network. Bundled with the Windows Essentials package, Windows Live Messenger does more than just provide instant messaging. You can also use it to connect to various social media networks, make video calls over the Windows Live network, send video messages, transfer files, and send SMS messages to your contacts' mobile phones.Here's a quick rundown of some useful features, tricks, and add-ons for Windows Live Messenger.Windows Live Messenger Tips & Tricks

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  • therogerwilco
    OMG I've discovered a rip in space and time leading me back to 2006! That's the only explanation for a guide on Windows Live Messenger...
  • soo-nah-mee
    Um, didn't MS JUST announce that this service is dead and that Skype is its replacement?
    Why is this article here?
  • amallica
    My GF uses MS live messenger and I make fun of her every day for it. LOL
  • cptnjarhead
    what the hell is WLM?
  • fakie
    I use WLM but rarely talk to anyone. Useful for sending pictures in a pinch, and for the top right icon that leads to your mail.

    I use IRC too...
  • freggo
    Great timing THG.
    Microsoft seems to be ready to 86 their Messenger and you give us 'great Tips' on how to better utilize it :-)
    Must be a slow news day.