No More Service Packs for Windows XP

Looks like an era is coming to an end, as Microsoft is now shifting its focus away from supporting old-timer Windows XP on a service pack level, and looking at the hot new chick in town, the sexy Windows 7. According to Softpedia, SP3 was the last service pack for the 32-bit version of Windows XP (x86); SP2 was the last major update for the 64-bit version (x64). Microsoft officially announced the end of the road for the 32-bit version some time ago, but there was hope that the company would puke up another service pack for x64 XP before the OS headed out to the pasture.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. If fact, Microsoft confirmed its legal separation from Windows XP on a whole, admitting that it's fallen out of love and will never return again, even in the case of x64 XP. "We have received inquiries from our customers and partners on whether or not there will be a need for a Service Pack 3 for Windows Server 2003," said Crissy House, the Windows Server Operations manager. "Microsoft will not have a SP3 release for Windows Server 2003."

In the past, Microsoft has delivered service packs for the 64-bit version of Windows XP and major updates to Server 2003 at the same time, hence the assumption that the same cut-off date applied to x64. While the comment from House refers to Windows Server 2003, a spokesman for Microsoft told Softpedia that the divorce also applies to any version of Windows XP.

Thanks for the memories, you were a good OS.

  • Shadow703793
    :cry: Aww... guess like I won't have SP3 for XP x64. (I use it for CAD). But anyways, XP is dead. Time to move on to Win 7 x64 (I run RTM anyways :D ) for everyone.
  • sot010174
    It was the best OS MSFT has done till Vista. Farewell and rest in peace, XP.
  • mr_tuel
    Win2k was the best before Vista, 7 is the best overall IMO.
  • Kl2amer
    "but there was hope that the company would puke up another service pack for x64 XP before the OS headed out to the pasture"

    Another not so professional piece by Kevin Parrish.
  • cryogenic
    I'm running Windows 7 RTM at home (got it through MSDN subscription) and sadly I'm still using XP at work . XP Was good at his time, but if you only try Win 7 for a short while, there's no going back, the difference is huge. I've run Win 7 for 31 days and 19 hours without reboot and it was still running like I just started it, that's way above XPs league regarding system stability.
  • IronRyan21
    M$ Fail.
  • icepick314
    can't expect MS to keep pouring resources to XP forever...

    it has to stop at some point and move on...

    now the question is will MS support Vista as long as XP did?
  • Firehead2k
    As a home user I don't much care about XP anymore since I've moved on to Vista and will make the move to 7 as soon as it hits retail, but I'm not so sure what the IT guys at my college will think about it.

    I had hoped MS would kill the 32bit versions with Win7, lets hope the next installment won't offer 32bit versions anymore.
  • rooket
    Had they killed the 32bit versions, people still running Pentium 4's (there are many that do) would not be able to run it. So why would that even begin to be a good idea. A lot of people are too cheap to buy a new PC yet may want the new o/s since vista ran fine on P4's as well. Plus I still have a cr&pload of spare pentium 4 parts and built one win7 machine already and it runs perfectly fine. Can't run 64bit on that one. I'm glad they still make 32bit, makes life a lot simpler. Would rather not use windows XP at all at home ever again, it is too bland and outdated. Not to mention it is like a rare earth magnet picking up nails when it comes to malware.
  • False_Dmitry_II
    For the record, look at wikipedia. They're going to keep making patches till 2014. I don't call that dead.