66 Percent of Windows Users Are Still Running XP

Windows 7 turns a year old this month, and 12 months after a successful launch, nearly everyone agrees that it is a huge improvement over Vista. However, despite this, the majority of Windows users are still running XP and have yet to upgrade to Windows 7.

Conceivably Tech reports that, though the number of Windows users still running XP is falling, it's falling at a very slow rate. Data released by Net Applications shows that Windows XP accounted for 76 percent of all Windows users when Windows 7 launched and this figure has fallen just 10 points (to 66 percent) in the last year. Though Windows 7's market share is strong and continues to grow, Net Applications data puts XP's overall September share in the OS market at 60.03 percent, down just 0.86 percent from the month before.

Conceivably Tech's Wolfgang Gruener predicts that considering XP's overall OS market share is dropping at a rate of less than one percentage point per month, it could take over a year for the nearly 10-year-old Windows XP share to drop to 50 percent of the overall market share. The data comes as we approach a particularly significant milestone for Windows XP. Microsoft's deadline for manufacturers shipping machines with Windows XP is October 22.

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Source: Conceivably Tech

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  • thillntn
    I have 7 on my laptop, but do you blame people for keeping XP? It just works!
  • Randomacts
    I know people who have XP at schools and offices that wish they had W7... but they refuse to update it.
  • tleavit
    We have 200 PC's on our network, 10ish now are Windows 7. At this point (since the economy dumped) our average pc is 3 years old and runs Win XP perfectly. Win XP does everything we need it to in a fast moving business. Those PC's will continue to run XP until they die (5 to 10 years life). Any new PC we buy has Windows7. Windows 7 doesn't do anything we need different then XP but it runs well (like XP). We are like every other company out there. WinXp will be around for a long long time.