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Windows 7 Overtakes Windows XP as Leading OS

According to the latest stats from Net Applications, Windows 7 continues its dominance in the operating system market by accumulating more market share than Windows XP last month.

During September, Windows 7 was responsible for 44 percent of all Web traffic among operating systems. Windows XP trailed behind by taking second place with a 41.2 percent share.

The aforementioned figures represent a wider gap between the two popular operating systems since August when Windows 7 overtook XP's market share by just fraction of a percentage point (Windows 7: 42.76, Windows XP: 42.5).

Windows 8 experienced slight growth by reaching 0.3 percent from 0.23 percent in August. Even when it does launch, however, Windows 7 still may be the leading operating system if a recent survey is anything to go by. Carried out by Forums Windows 8, in a survey 53 percent of users said Windows 7 remains their favorite operating system, with Windows 8 attributing for 25 percent of votes, followed by Windows XP with 20 percent.

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