Asus ROG Rampage IV Extreme Black Motherboard Pictured

Evidently, the standard red and black ROG Rampage IV Extreme motherboard was too flashy for some users. Consequently, Asus is currently developing a black variant that, as the name suggests, keeps the use of red to a minimum and uses shades of grey to contrast the predominately black exterior.

The Rampage IV Extreme Black is otherwise identical to the standard version, which features an Intel X79 Express Chipset, an LGA2011 socket and support for 64 GB of DDR3 memory and four-way SLI/Crossfire.

Image source: cowcotland

Asus has not yet provided any information on pricing or availability, but we don't expect it to cost more than a standard Rampage IV Extreme motherboard which currently retails for around $450.

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  • jn77
    No other spec's on it yet? 8 x USB 3.x ports would be nice, 8 x SATA III 6.xGb connectors would be nice....
  • RedundantInk
    jn77No other spec's on it yet? 8 x USB 3.x ports would be nice, 8 x SATA III 6.xGb connectors would be nice....
    The black version just has cosmetic differences. It is otherwise identical to the standard version
  • TheBigTroll
    i would have made the power button and the lane on/off switches black as well. but looks great otherwise
  • chiphead
    Don't care for motherboard mounted fans...
  • 5teviewonders
    *fap fap fap*
  • noobzilla771
    ^ im with you. *fap fap fap*
  • RandomRogue
    These will never be available to buy. This is the article on

    This is a one off. Well, there are three.

    It’s the ultimate in tech exclusivity as they will never go on sale.

    While it’s NOT an official Black Edition, we’ve affectionately dubbed it the Rampage IV Extreme – Black.

    If you’re lucky enough to ever visit Nvidia HQ, keep an eye out for a few there!
  • lp231
    So all Asus did was replace them red PCIe x16, SATA, ram, and USB 3 header with black ones.
  • halcyon
    chipheadDon't care for motherboard mounted fans...I think I recall reading that this one, however, is rated to last like 30 years (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration).
  • branden_lucero
    i like that its black. i really cant' stand the ROG colors, but i still think this board is highly overrated. >:|