XBL Currency Conversion WON'T Mean Pricier Games for UK

On Wednesday, Microsoft caught some flak from Xbox Live beta testers that discovered content was costing more for UK gamers once their Microsoft points had been changed over to their local currency. Microsoft opened up registrations for the the Xbox Live 2013 beta last week. Part of the update includes the ability to conduct transactions with local currency, as Microsoft Points will be retired later this year. On Wednesday, beta testers in the took to the NeoGAF forums to complain that the conversion has seen the prices of games in the UK go up.

A NeoGAF poster by the name of Gowans wrote on Tuesday evening that while 400 points used to be equivalent to £3.40, games that cost 400 points were showing up with a £4.49. Similarly, games that cost the equivalent of £6.80, or 800 points, cost £8.99. The increases carried through to games priced at 1200 points (£10.40) and 1600 points (£13.60), which were priced at £11.99 and £14.99 respectively. 

Naturally, beta testers were none too pleased by the apparent price hike. Luckily, Microsoft has since said that the prices listed on the beta were a mistake. Not only that, but the Redmond-based company promised to reimburse users that forked over extra cash for the game.

Speaking to Joystiq, Microsoft said that it was aware of the issue, which it called an unintended error, and that it was in the process of remedying the situation.

  • cozmium
    "Unintended Error"

    Phrase (Microsoft)
    1. To try to extort money from consumers and see if anyone notices.
  • back_by_demand
    Either didn't factor VAT or based the conversion from Dollars to the Euro instead of the Pound, but what happens to points when currency fluctuates?
  • hiruu
    It is CALLED a beta test...WTF do they people think they are suppose to do? Amazing...
  • hixbot
    Wow Gowans broke the non disclosure agreement that all Beta testers have signed. He should have contacted MS through their beta tester forum, and not spoken in public (internet) about it.
  • bryonhowley
    11136700 said:
    It is CALLED a beta test...WTF do they people think they are suppose to do? Amazing...

    Exactly not every thing is a conspiracy.