MSFT Donates 'Ultimate Gamerooms' to Sick Kids

The Children's Miracle Network last week announced that Microsoft had agreed to equip three out of the 170 Children's Miracle Network hospitals with Ultimate Gamerooms. The idea is that people vote for the hospital of their choice at and the top three hospitals with the most votes will receive $10,000 worth or gaming equipment. While Microsoft won't be forking out for the construction or wiring of the gamerooms, the company will provide reasonable labor, installation and delivery of the equipment.

The contest rules list the following as an example of the kind of equipment the winning hospitals will receive:

(2) 42" Plasma TV’s; two (2) Xbox 360 systems; 10 1st/3rd party Xbox video game titles; four (4) Windows Based PC’s; four (4) 22" PC Monitors; four (4) MS sets of mice, keyboards and webcams; two (2) Zune devices; two (2) speaker docking stations; associated furniture and paint, or other Microsoft provided Equipment, hardware and software. Each Contest Prize includes (a) the Equipment, including all title therein, subject to applicable licenses; and (b) delivery and installation of the Equipment in the room designated by the authorized representative of the Contest Winner, including reasonable labor and professional installation services.

The move has sparked some controversy on the web. Despite the fact that Microsoft has already donated an Xbox kiosk to all 170 hospitals, some are of the opinion that it is wrong to raise the hopes of 167 hospitals and the children they currently provide medical treatment and care for. What do you think? Do you feel it's wrong to select just three hospitals of 170 or do you think "charity is charity" and any contribution should be considered generous? Let us know in the comments below!

  • What's wrong for some terminally ill child to play a xbox game?
  • curnel_D
    At 10,000 a pop, these hospitals could afford to put one in every floor without thought, if they can prove that the rooms are considerably raising spirits.
  • festerovic
    That's nice of microsoft. It would be better if they gave something to all of the hospitals, though.
  • NuclearShadow
    Come on Microsoft do it for all of them. 10,000 x 170 = 1,700,000. Microsoft could easily afford this. Go the extra mile and make all of the children happy.
  • climber
    Since this is donating to charity, shouldn't they be able to write this off on their corporate taxes? They should also up it to dual 22" screens for those PC's...
  • caskachan
    billy, when an xbox has a terminal discease, it sometimes RROD's that means it goes ot heaven....
  • brendano257
    Kinda sad that they are only willing to let go of $30,000... (for a rather nice cause I might add.) 1.7m is really nothing to them as said above.
  • brains2200
    climber - not with Obama's cut with an AXE in Charitable write offs
  • viometrix
    i think they should all get it too.... not fair for one kid to wish he was dying elsewhere cause ms was cheap
  • maigo
    3 isn't a lot but there are other groups out there doing the same thing, like the Penny Arcade guys