New OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD Achieves Record

Tuesday at Computex, OCZ claimed that it set a new benchmark of 1 million 4K write IOPS and 1.5 million read IOPS with a single Z-Drive R4 88-equipped 3U Colfax International Server.

Based on a Supermicro platform, this specific server solution is considered to be the fastest on the market and features 7.2 TB of MLC storage. OCZ's PCIe-based SSD is a beast all in itself, packed with eight SF-2281 controllers in a RAID 0 configuration and mounted on a PCIe x8 card. However, this particular demo utilized several Z-Drive R4 88s to reach the record IOPS.

"We have been working closely with OCZ to create a ready to deploy server solution with both exceptional performance and reliability, all within a compact and energy efficient footprint," said Gautam Shah, President and CEO of Colfax International. "OCZ's Z-Drive PCIe SSDs add considerable performance and we are thrilled to achieve this significant 4K Write IOPS benchmark, as well as making this industry leading total solution available to our enterprise clients."

On its own, the Z-Drive R4 88 features reads up to 2.9 GB/s and writes up to 2.7 GB/s. Additional reports reveal that it will also arrive in two flavors: the C Series which lacks polymer capacitors for power loss protection and has less provisioning, and the R Series which will come equipped with sudden power loss protection and extra NAND set aside as a spare area.

"The Z-Drive R4 enables our data center clients to maximize performance in the industry standard 4K file size, and this achievement with Colfax International demonstrates the raw performance benefits and latency reductions that OCZ PCIe SSDs can deliver over multi-terabyte device densities in a single 3U server," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. "We are proud to enable our clients to deliver servers and storage arrays which provide the highest performance, maximum capacity, and lowest latency available to data centers today."

OCZ said that the server demoed during the show will be available for pre-order from Colfax International in multiple built-to-order configurations, and will ship in the coming weeks following the Computex event.

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  • Anonymous
  • bavman
    My ssd only gets 50k iops =(

    This would be so fantastic to have though
  • Ironkidz
    The 1st robot to become self aware and exterminate humanity, will be equipped with one of these.