Acer Announces Projector That Uses Laser-based Light

The benefit is a much longer lasting light source of up to 20,000 hours, instead of the usual 3,000 hours of a projector lamp.

According to the manufacturer, the 520 Hybrid LED laser projector delivers a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 100,000:1, 2000 lumens of brightness, 3D image output support, as well as VGA, composite video/audio and HDMI ports. the projector has a maximum output resolution of 1024 x 768 (XGA), but supports 720p and 1080p input signals.

Acver said that the K520 comes with the company's EcoProtection power management feature that reduces power consumption by up to 90 percent.

  • digiex
    Laser LED are more crisper than conventional white LED.

    Projected price of the projector?
  • __-_-_-__
    laser projector... ouch... better be careful where you point at. Turn the power to max and you make a hole in a wall.
  • ProDigit10
    casio slim line is one.
    This one will most likely be lower quality.
    4/3 is not as good as 16/9
    2000 lumen is not very much. 100k contrast ratio is insane though!
    Good for the bedroom, and 6-12 seat pitch dark living room, to project a 86cm diag screen on the wall; nothing more.
  • "2000 lumen is not very much." ???????
    Are you kidding ?
  • Pyree

    can cause instant temporary blindness
  • alidan
    ToxicCandy"2000 lumen is not very much." ???????Are you kidding ?
    it depends on the projector, how big you want to porject it, for the most part the more the better, but 2000 seams to be a decent number projector wise, no reason not to get it because of that....

    however for me, i would require 720p at least before i consider it.
  • Rids the use of a dynamic iris for dimmable light source - the laser. F'ing oarsum! EpicContrast for master dlp winnage!
  • archange
    That is so obvious. Why doesn't everybody use laser lighting nowadays? I mean, BMW going to use it on their new model:
  • sunflier
    Will I need to worry about burn in or etching on my wall?
  • freggo
    With this you do not need a screen saver but a Wall saver !