Adata Shows Off Blisteringly Fast 12,600 MTps DDR5 Modules

Adata XPG 12600MT/s DDR5
(Image credit: VideoCardz)

As spotted by Videocardz, Adata has taken the wraps off several new products in an online announcement today, including its first DDR5 memory modules, which will feature frequencies of up to 12600 MTps, making them the fastest DDR5 modules announced so far. The company also announced a host of other products including PCIe Gen4 SSDs, external SSDs, laptops, and SD card readers.

Adata showcased two DDR5 models at its event, one being its generic DDR5 module with a maximum operating frequency of 8400 MTps and a capacity of up to 64GB per DIMM operating at 1.1v. This is in line with the fastest DDR5 modules we've seen announced so far from any memory manufacturer including Samsung, SK Hynix, and Crucial.

But the next model is much faster. With a speed of up to 12,600 MTps, these are the fastest speeds announce so far for any DDR5 module. Adata will be targeting these modules toward gaming rigs and will brand them under the XPG umbrella.

Unfortunately this is all Adata had to say; there's no word on pricing, availability, or upcoming memory configurations for its new DDR5 modules.

It'll be interesting to see how quickly Adata can start producing its ultra-fast 12600 MTps memory models, as previous statements from SK Hynix suggest any high-speed kits approaching 8400MTps or beyond won't be available in the first wave of DDR5 adoption. Simply put, DDR5 needs to reach a certain maturity level before high-speed kits become a reality, at least at retail. Still, it's great to see ultra-high-speed DDR5 modules are in development and on the horizon.

Aaron Klotz
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    12600MTs at thanks lol
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    Very cool, this is the kind of bandwith that will soon make APU's viable for some sort of gaming experience.
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