Adobe Flash Coming to Blu-Ray

Ready for a richer user experience in your living-room? It looks like Intel and Adobe are going to be working together to bring consumers Flash based interfaces coupled with the Intel CE 3100 Media Processor.

This effort proposes the porting of Flash technologies to devices with the Intel CE 3100 media processor, which includes devices such as (but not limited to), Intel-based set-top boxes (DVR/PVR), Blu-ray Disc players, Digital Televisions and many other retail connected AV devices.

So what exactly does this mean for the end-user? Since Adobe Flash has high-definition capabilities, we could start seeing the beginning of the end to boring user interfaces on media devices. Guides and user interfaces will be very rich in media, very attractive and more intuitive--faster/more responsive. Another good possibility is the ability to have access to downloadable content or more customized user interfaces that feed the needs of specific users. The list goes on.

Intel and Adobe share a long history of co-operation. One notable movement recently is the Open Screen Project announced back in May of 2008. Although it may not have interested everyone, it was a proposal to enable consistent runtimes across multiple screens. This is something that could very well play a role in the new Flash proposal.

Quoting William O. Leszinske Jr. – General manager of Intel’s Digital Home Group:

"The Intel® Media Processor CE 3100 is a highly integrated solution that provides a powerful, yet flexible technology foundation that will bring to life the high-definition capabilities of Adobe Flash. Our effort with Adobe is poised to accelerate a rich, yet relevant Internet experience on the TV that will provide consumers with access to a growing number of Flash based applications that will ultimately be enjoyed across a number of screens seamlessly, from the laptop to a MID and now the TV."

Quoting David Wadhwani – General manager and Vice president of Platform Business at Adobe:

"The Open Screen Project is striving to remove barriers for developers and designers as they look to publish content and applications across desktops and devices. The Intel® Media Processor CE 3100 provides a powerful platform capable of delivering outstanding Flash experiences to millions of homes as a new generation of televisions and set-top boxes makes its way into the living room."

According to press release information, Intel and Adobe are also working together to optimize the Adobe AIR technology for implementation into Intel’s digital home platform in the future.

  • Nik_I
    this could be the beginning of something new. i did always find dvd menus very unresponsive and they all looked the same.
  • TKolb13
    How about flash on my crappy iPhone 1st! Apple Sux!
  • Tekkamanraiden
    Maybe they should have though of this sooner.
  • curnel_D
    I wish adobe would get on the ball with 64-bit flash support instead. Ugh.
  • TwoDigital
    So do I have one of these chips in my PS3? If they're going to go ahead and "change" the BluRay standard with new chipsets coming out, I'd be a little peeved if my player could no longer show menus because some studio decided they needed to patch a flash-based menu into a movie disk.
  • ckthecerealkiller
    I would hope that this would only require us to update the firmware or they would have non flash based options available on most discs.