Albatron releases AGP-based GeForce 6800GS graphics card

Albatron released a new graphics card for users who are looking for a graphics upgrade for their AGP system. As the name indicates AGP6800GS, the new card is based on Nvidia's GeForce 6800GS chip, which is clocked at 350 MHz and runs on 12 pipelines. The card comes with 256 MByte of GDDR3 memory that, according to the manufacturer, can be overclocked to up to 1 GHz.

Maximum resolution capability of the card is 2048 x 1536 pixels at 32 bpp color depth and 85 Hz refresh rate. Standard interfaces of the card include TV-OUT, DVI and D-sub. Pricing has not been announced, but is expected to be in line with other 6800GS cards. Street prices of 6800GS cards from eVGA, XFX, PNY Gigabyte and MSI currently range between $200 and $230.