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Alphacool Rolls Out Its Disco Ball Reservoir, Eisball

Alphacool has officially released its Eisball reservoir with a unique ball shape. The Eisball has integrated RGB illumination, which, after seeing it at the CES and Computex trade shows this year, I can confirm lights up the ball completely for a disco ball look. In addition to having an integrated pump top, this cooler truly has a one-of-a-kind design. 

The ball itself is made out of a transparent nylon with brass screws and holds up to 700ml of liquid. With its mounting materials and decoupler, the Eisball measures 5.1 x 5 x 5 inches, which I wouldn't exactly describe as compact. Alphacool includes two mounting plates. The device can be mounted on radiators or fan slots for 120 or 140mm fans with one mounting plate, while the other would be used for more standard mounting locations. The Eisball can also stick to an included Velcro mat, which you place inside your PC case.

As far as pumps go, the Eisball has an integrated pump top for VPP 655/755 pumps or any of the original Laing D5 pumps. The pump is sold separately.

The compatible pumps are fit inside, nearly completely enclosed in the reservoir, with the water acting as insulation. This configuration means less vibration is transmitted to the Eisball. It also comes with decouplers to further isolate any noise/vibration from reaching the chassis and your ears.

The rest of the materials, including the pump holder, are made from Acetal with the outside of the RGB ring (with 22 digital RGB LEDs around the circumference), plated in chrome for even more bling. The RGB element is of the 4-pin 5V variety and comes with an aRGB adapter, as well as a mini aRGB controller. Alphacool didn't mention if these can be controlled by motherboard RGB ecosystems. All the threads and single fill port are standard G1/4", the standard for PC water cooling. The fill port is located on the top side for quick fills, while the in and out ports are on the back.

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The Eisball is a truly unique design overall compared to the cylinder and cube type reservoirs we are used to. The Alphacool Eisball will be available on August 8. Pricing wasn't listed, but we will update this page once it is.

Photo Credits: Alphacool