Alphacool Launches RTX AIO Liquid Coolers With Nearly Silent Pump

Alphacool's latest Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro closed-loop liquid cooler (CLC) is geared toward future Nvidia RTX 2070, RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti owners who want to put their graphics card under water but don't fancy setting up a custom watercooling loop.

While Alphacool already has a range of Eiswolf products for a very extensive list of graphics cards, the German watercooling specialist is touting that the RTX-specific model features a new pump design. The suction pump, as the company calls it, aims to minimize the pump's volume while increasing cooling performance. As the name suggests, the design is centered around the suction principle, which allows for less turbulence and a more even flow. Alphacool claims the end result is a nearly inaudible pump.

The liquid is pumped into a 240mm radiator cooled by a pair of Alphacool fans. The radiator itself is only 30mm thick, so it should fit into modern cases without much problem. The radiator is connected to the pump via a pair of 11/8mm rubber hoses with anti-kink springs. The Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro utilizes conventional G1/4 inch fittings, allowing owners to swap out the tubing easily for another of their choice. The included hoses come with quick release connectors so you can connect the Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro to an Alphacool Eisbaer CPU AIO liquid cooler and harness the power of two pumps and two radiators in a single watercooling loop. Additionally, this combination provides a fail safe measure; in an unlikely situation where one pumps fails, the other can keep the watercooling going.

As added value, the Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro includes a backplate for your RTX 2070, RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti. The backplate is said to improve cooling performance by providing passive cooling and better heat dissipation while also being an aesthetic accessory to cover the rear of the graphic's card printed circuit board (PCB). There's just a small opening for the PCIe power connectors.

Alphacool listed the Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro on its eStore for €179.95, which roughly translates to $210. The delivery date is two to three weeks from time of purchase.

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  • tom10167
    Thank you for writing "nearly silent" and not "very silent!" I find this frustrating, especially in journalism where it's expected the writer should understand what words mean. :)
    With the added backplate this thing looks extremely perfect.
  • poopflinger
    I use the Eiswolf GPX Pro to cool my Zotac GTX 1080ti. It rarely gets over 50 degrees under extended periods of gaming at 4k. I was really hoping to get an EK GPU block for it, but they don't make one. I'm glad I discovered Alphacool. The design is a bit different in concept to EK. The water doesn't really circulate throughout the GPU block. Since the pump is on the GPU block, the water only directly cools the processor of the GPU and passively cools the rest of the block which acts as a giant heat sink. Still very effective. It took a long time for me install the waterblock on the GPU, however. Thermal pads need to placed on the front and back of the PCB. It took me hours to meticulously line up all the thermal pads that had to be placed on the PCB. In the end, it was well worth it. Dropped temps by over 30 degrees Celcius. I would expect similar cooling capability with the RTX series.
  • Lucky_SLS
    RIP EK Phoenix?