AltspaceVR Adds Leap Motion Orion Support, Trio Of New Experiences

AltspaceVR, a social experience in virtual reality, announced the addition of three new things to do within AltspaceVR. You can now participate in a game of virtual Disc Golf, play a game of Boss Monster with others, or visit your own private virtual art gallery. The company has also updated its hand tracking to support Leap Motion's new Orion platform.

AltspaceVR is a place where you can meet up with friends and make new ones online in virtual locations. The company has been hosting regular activities such as group showings of twitch broadcasts, a VR comedy night, and even Dungeons & Dragons matches.

Disc Golf

The virtual version of Disc Golf is a little different from the real life version. In VR your goal is to get the disc through a series of obstacles in order to get it to a portal that marks the end of the puzzle. You want to get to the portal in as few throws as possible, similar to how golf is scored. AltspaceVR said that there are nine levels of disc golf, and each one increases in difficulty.

The creators of Disc Golf will be online in AltspaceVR explaining how the game is played at 4pm PT today. 

Boss Monster

If a tabletop game is more your style, but D&D is a little too involved for you, AltspaceVR now has Boss Monster, the game where you play a monster trying to eat as many souls of heroes as possible. The rules of the game are a little bit too intricate for a quick news story, but essentially you set up a booby-trapped dungeon in the hopes of capturing heroes looking for treasure. The game is a lot of fun, one of my favorite card games to play with friends actually, and the idea of playing online in VR sounds just as interesting.

If you’ve never played the game before, the creators are hanging out in AltspaceVR all day today explaining how it works.

Virtual Art

What if you don’t want to do something a little more relaxing? How about checking out the Tumblr Art Gallery? AltspaceVR added a virtual art gallery for you to enjoy peacefully. The company said it plans to feature the works of nine new Tumblr artists each week that you’ll be able to take view in your own personal art gallery. The digital images will be displayed as if paintings hung on the wall, and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different environments to view the art in.

These three new updates for AltspaceVR are online now and available to anyone with an account.

Additionally, AltspaceVR announce that as of today, Leap Motion support has been updated to work with the company’s new Orion platform. AltspaceVR said that as of today, if you want to continue to use your Leap Motion controller in AltspaceVR, you will need to install the new Orion beta.

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