AMD Shipping 7th Generation 'Bristol Ridge' APUs Ahead Of Schedule

AMD revealed that it is shipping its 7th generation AMD A-Series processors (codenamed “Bristol Ridge”) to OEM customers earlier than anticipated, with HP leading the charge by featuring the new APUs in its updated Envy x360 2-in-1 laptop.

We don’t have detailed specifications just yet (AMD plans to showcase the new processors at Computex), but we do know that HP is receiving dual- and quad-core variants of the 7th generation APUs that will be offered in the redesigned Envy x360. We know that the iGPU attached to these chips will be Radeon R7 or R5 graphics, and it will feature AMD FreeSync and 4K video support.

We also know (thanks to a little help from HP) that one of AMD’s 7th generation quad-core APUs will be the AMD FX-9800P, which features a clock rate of 2.7 GHz (3.6 GHz turbo), a 2 MB L2 cache, Radeon R7 graphics and a 15-watt TDP.

AMD claims its 7th generation A-Series FX processors show up to a 50 percent improvement in total compute performance than the previous version of the mobile APU from 2014 (Kaveri). Until the company fully reveals the new A-Series APUs in full, we’ll have to take AMD at its word on that. We'll look forward to learning more around Computex time this summer.

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  • artk2219
    If the specs for the 9800P are correct, it would definitely give the I3 and I5 U's a good run for their money. At least it would if any of the OEM's wanted to actually build something around it that isn't a 15 to 17" laptop with a crappy screen thats an ugly brick.
  • harrkev
    I am certain that the HP offering will only offer single-channel memory and a mechanical hard drive.
  • IceMyth
    I know for sure: 1
    - HP will sucks so bad as I had an A10 AMD HP laptop and after 1.5years the fan needed a replacement.
    2- My next laptop will be MSI with AMD CPU but for sure not A series as I don't trust them nor their performance or the cooling system for them (laptop)
    But for sure next laptop will have the latest available MSI AMD CPU.