AMD Silently Rolls Out Dual-Core A6-9400 APU

AMD is adding a new member to its 7th-generation Bristol Ridge A-Series line of APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) in the form of the AMD A6-9400. The new APU with the part number AD9400AGABBOX retains the Excavator microarchitecture and comes equipped with two Bristol Ridge cores paired with 1MB of L2 cache. Like its kin, the chip is expected to be fabbed by Taiwanese foundry TSMC on the 28nm node. In terms of core speeds, Mindfactory lists the A6-9400 with a 3.7GHz boost clock.

(Image credit: Mindfactory)

The AMD A6-9400 is accompanied by the chipmaker's Radeon R5 integrated graphics solution built around the Graphics Core Next (GCN) 2.0 microarchitecture. It's possible that the AMD A6-9400 could sport up to 384 Streaming Processors (SPs) clocked at a fixed base clock of 720 MHz, with a maximum boost clock up to 1,029 MHz.

The AMD A6-9400 is a 65W TDP (thermal design power) part and continues to use AMD's long-lasting AM4 socket. Therefore, you can slot it into a broad list of AMD motherboards, such as ones with the A320, B350, B450, X370 or X470 chipset. On the memory front, the AMD A6-9400 supports dual-channel DDR4 memory modules up to 2,400MHz.

German retailer Mindfactory listed the AMD A6-9400 with a €34.09 price tag with value-added tax (VAT) included. After deducting the 19 percent VAT rate, the price falls to €28.65, which roughly translates to $32.50 (~£24.40). We also found the AMD A6-9400 at Zones for $35.99. Hence, it's safe to assume that the chip will cost roughly $35. According to Mindfactory, the AMD will release the A6-9400 on March 20, so we won't have to wait long for final pricing.

Zhiye Liu
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