AMD Ships Radeon 4850 Graphics Card


Exclusive - Taipei (Taiwan) - AMD’s graphics team has put the finishing touches at its new GPU generation and actually has begun shipping the new 4850 card to OEM partners and retailers: The new Radeon series will sell for prices between $199 and $499.

According to information we came across in Taiwan, AMD/ATI is gunning for a sizeable launch of the new product generation, with Radeon 4850 512 MB boards leading the charge. However, the exact price has not been set yet, even if it is certain that the GDDR3 512 MB version (codenamed Makedon) will debut in a range between $179 and $219. If you ask us, we believe that the board be priced exactly at $199 (US, CAN) as well as 199 Euro.

We were told that AMD/ATI will decide on final pricing during the Computex tradeshow (which is scheduled to open on Monday) in order to have all the puzzle pieces for a June 18 in place. It certainly does not look like a paper launch at this time and the June 18 is an as-of-now date, since the company could revise is launch schedule to avoid a launch right on the heels of Nvidia’s new high-end parts.

The good news here is certainly that ATI is aiming for $199, sub-$299 and $499 price targets. However, the release dates of the faster SKUs may be problematic: Nvidia is working on new mainstream chips as well, which will debut in Q3 of this year, our sources indicate.

The Radeon 4870 512 MB is expected to ship in volume sometime this summer. This will be the first graphics card in the market to integrate GDDR5 memory. However, the 4870 X2, will face stiff competition from the GeForce GTX 260: Radeon 4870 X2 cards will sell for $499, while the GeForce GTX 260 is likely to debut at $449.

It is unclear whether ATI’s 480 and 960 shader units will be enough to capture market share in the targeted price ranges. All we know is that the game is on and the winner is yet to be decided. According to ATI partners, Nvidia still has a big advantage in its logistics division, both in sales and PR.

  • sick... just confirming that the gtx280 is going to win...

    "the 4870 X2 will face stiff competition from the geforce gtx 260."

    omfg... the gtx 280 should completely rape it then Now i'm psyched
  • jevon
    Yes... stiff competition is the same thing as completely raping it...

    Pricing and power efficiency are going to be right up there in my purchase decision along with performance.
  • evilshuriken
    I want real benchmarks... why won't anyone provide benchmarks, I wants it :(
  • lx_flier
    well the 260 is the lowend nvidia card so yes the 280 should rape the 4870x2 according to this article
  • jevon... according to you do you mean the 4870 X2 should rape the GTX 260... cause the way they word it, it implies that the gtx 260 will even beat the 4870 X2...

    so elaborate please
  • San Pedro
    According to this article which has no real performance numbers. Wouldn't be surprised though.
  • Kari
    well I woudn't be surprised if the 4807x2 is 10-20% faster than the GTX280.. based on those 'leaked' vantage scores. I think this article focuses only on the prices. (and as we know nvidias chip is one expensive piece of silicon)
  • "sick... just confirming that the gtx280 is going to win..."

    This is completely false. They are talking about competition based on price, not by performance. No one has any idea yet what the performance competition is going to be. I would hope the GTX280 would win, That chip has the same die size on a wafer as 3-4 R770 chips and will use more power than the 2 chip solution. If it doesn't win though.... bad news for nvidia.
  • yadge
    So does this mean that it'll be hard to get a 4870 early on? They said they plan to ship in volume sometime in the summer. I'm hoping to get one in early July....
  • terror112
    lx_flierwell the 260 is the lowend nvidia card so yes the 280 should rape the 4870x2 according to this article
    how is the GTX260 Nvidia's low end card? It would be better to be placed in the upper-mid category, Considering that it is relatively close to the price of 2 of ATI's high end GPUs. IMO from what has been seen with the vantage scores (not proven) is that the GTX-280 is not much faster than the GTX-260.