Breaking: AMD's Computex 2018 Press Conference

We're here for AMD's Computex 2018 press conference. The company is expected to release its second-gen Threadripper models that could reach up to 24- or 32-cores, but it didn't prebrief press in the typical fashion. As such, we'll be learning the specifics along with you during this live coverage. Refresh your browser for updates.

The TLDR: AMD announced second-gen Threadripper processors would arrive this year with 32 cores and 64 threads. AMD also demoed the first 7nm GPU and displayed both the 7nm GPU die and 7nm EPYC processors.

10AM TPE: Lisa Su takes the stage.

Su is recapping the company's progress last year. AMD released twenty new Ryzen designs last year.

AMD launched Ryzen in 2017; there are now five million Ryzen users worldwide.

Su is covering Radeon Gaming Technology, which has over 400 million users worldwide.

From August until today, over 10x more users have adopted Vega graphics cards.

More than 50 EPYC server platforms are now in the market, ramping quickly.

AMD EPYC has highest core counts, most PCIe lanes, most CPU memory channels, and most RAM capacity on the market.

AMD presented performance data relative to Intel Xeon processors.

Cisco has adopted EPYC.

HP is expanding its EPYC lineup with more servers.

Tencent is now offering EPYC as a cloud service.

AMD is going to demo second-gen Threadripper and a 7nm GPU at this show.

Scott Herkelman has taken the stage.

AMD has a strong roadmap for gaming, will cover soon.

Gaming is evolving to broader use-cases.

AMD is investing heavily in eSports and working closely with game developers.

The company is continuing to develop the FreeSync ecosystem. It now has twice as many panels as Nvidia in the market, and more coming.

This is the year of Vega; AMD is working to penetrate several markets beyond "just gaming."

AMD is announcing new gaming systems from its partners. First up, the Nitro 50.

Another new gaming system, the Predator Orion 5000.

Better yet, a Ryzen 7 2700 processor in the Predator Helios 500 notebook.

The Predator Helios is available soon.

The Radeon RX Vega 56 NANO is available now in some regions. It is a full size Radeon Vega, just in a small form factor.

Herkleman displays the new card.

AMD is demoing how you can use the card with an SFF system for Radeon gaming in your living room. System is to the lower right.

Jim Anderson has taken the stage.

Many firsts for Ryzen last year, along with a lot of awards and accolades. AMD partners will bring up to 60 new Ryzen systems to market this year.

AMD has gained market share in every segment it has attacked. The company gained between 40 to 50% market share in just over a year (in some markets).

AMD released twenty new versions of Ryzen last year. Even more are coming this year. Notebook segment is a big target.

Kevin Lensing has taken the stage and is inviting partners up for short speeches. Dell is up first, followed by ASUS.

ASUS brought out a new 15-inch laptop. It features a Ryzen 7 2700U processor.

Lenovo outlined its new lineup.

Huawei has taken the stage. New Huawei Matebook D 14", specs in album above.

Jim Anderson is back, now speaking about Threadripper. He is going to show us the second-gen Threadripper processors.

The new processors feature up to 32 cores and 64 threads. They are coming in Q3 2018. The second-gen processors are backwards compatible with first-gen Threadripper motherboards.

The 32-core model has four die tied together with Infinity Fabric.

AMD completed a Blender run with the 24-core against Intel's eighteen core Core i9-7980XE. The second-gen Threadripper processor took 19 seconds.

Now time for 7nm Radeon Instinct Vega.

Vega 7nm features the Infinity Fabric along with new deep learning operations and hardware virtualization.

AMD open software ecosystem.

AMD open source raytracing rendering solution. 

AMD presented the world's first 7nm GPU demo. The card features 32GB of HBM2 on the board.

Lisa Su is back on stage for the recap.

7nm Vega is sampling heavily and will ship this year. AMD is bringing 7nm GPUs to gaming, too. Su held up the 7nm GPU die.

AMD is going directly to 7nm for EPYC 2 processors. The company already has working silicon in its labs. The new EPYC slots into the same socket as the first generation model, which should speed adoption. Shipping this year. Su also displayed the 7nm CPU.

Paul Alcorn
Managing Editor: News and Emerging Tech

Paul Alcorn is the Managing Editor: News and Emerging Tech for Tom's Hardware US. He also writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage, and enterprise hardware.

  • Lucky_SLS
    7nm Vega is sampling heavily, shipping this year. AMD is bringing 7nm GPUs to gaming, too. Su help up the 7nm GPU die.

    -> help up the 7nm GPU die?
  • bobwya
    "AMD completed a Bender run ..."

    Must be drinking a few beevies... Celebrating Intel's demise!!
  • ElectrO_90
    I agree, must be a little inebriated...
    "AMD resented the world's first 7nm GPU demo"
    Not good for AMD to resent things....
  • CPU division, excelling. GPU division, failing miserably.

    They reversed the problem they had a decade ago. Congrats!
  • bobba84
    amd = poo but at least amd releasing reasonably competitive stuff for once means intel is getting the big guns out of the closet.
  • ElectrO_90
    21035026 said:
    amd = poo but at least amd releasing reasonably competitive stuff for once means intel is getting the big guns out of the closet.

    Your intellect shines brightly....