AMD Cutting Prices of its Radeon HD GPUs

Our friends at AnandTech say that the cuts will mainly affect the 7800 series, which will be dropping from $279 on the street to $249 next week. The 7850 will have to surrender this price point and drop to $209.

AMD's new contender for Nvidia's recently launched 660Ti will be the 7950 which will sell in the $299-$319 range (down from $349) to compete with the 660Ti's $299 price. The 7970 could decline slightly from 4429 to $399 while the 7970 GHz Edition is expected to shave $30 off its launch price and land as low as $469.

Nothing unusual here. It is a seasonal adjustment in the lifecycle of AMD's GPUs that is designed to keep the processors economically attractive and competitive against Nvidia's Kepler cards.


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  • Anonymous
    "The 7970 could decline slightly from 4429 to $399".. That's one hell of a price drop! :D
  • Anonymous
    man, these GPU price wars are more viscious than the SSD price wars. Good for me!
  • schnitter
    Just when I was convinced ASUS 670 GTX was in store for me, comes this announcement.

    I try to avoid nVidia all I can due to them holding back gaming because of bribing companies to code Physx for graphics calculation while my i7 sits at 30% usage, but if it is a clear winner, I can't throw money away.

    Thanks AMD for allowing me to keep boycotting such a greedy horrible company.
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  • vmem
    the sapphire vapor-x 3GB versions are already $469 on the egg. all carying the 7970 GHz edition cores and one of the best coolers on the market :-)
  • Anonymous
    "The 7970 could decline slightly from 4429 to $399".. That's one hell of a price drop! :D
  • cptnjarhead
    when directX 12 comes out, i will pick one of those high end DX11 cards for cheap.
    nice to see the drop though, but i dont really see a reason to buy a new card until the new consoles come out.