AMD introduces low-power 64-bit processors

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD today added two new low-power mobile processor for the thin and light notebook segment. The mobile Athlon 64 2800+ and 2700+ sharply decrease the power consumption of other mobile Athlon 64 processors.

AMD's new processors come as no surprise: A PDF document outlining the specifications of the chips has been discussed on numerous websites. As previously reported, both processors are placed on the lower end of the performance range of the mobile Athlon 64 product family. According to the specifications, they nearly cut the power consumption of other mobile Athlon 64 chips in half.

Existing 2800+, 3000+, and 3200+ models are rated at a maximum thermal design power (TDP) of 62W, while the new 2700+ and 2800+ post just 35W. The minimum TDP decreases from 13W to 12W. The core voltage shrinks from a range of 0.95V to 1.40V down to 0.90V to 1.20V.

The new 2700+ is clocked at 1.6 GHz. This is the same frequency as the existing 2800+ chip. However, the new chip received L2 cache with only 512 kByte, while the other processors come with 1024 kByte. The new low-power 2800+ processor is clocked at 1.8 GHz.

While AMD has not been know to offer mobile chips with lowest power specifications, it makes sense for the company to increase its pace in this market segment, since customers today are willing to pay extra for lower power consumption, according to analysts.

The low-power mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor models 2800+ and 2700+ are priced at 241 and 209, respectively (1000-unit quantities).