Report: AMD to Release R9 280X on October 8

AMD unveiled its new Radeon R9 290X last week in Hawaii, describing the R9 and R7 series as 'the new GPUs for a new era in graphics.' Unfortunately, AMD didn't actually when we could expect this new era in graphics to commence.  Luckily, we have the rumor mill to keep us warm while we wait for an official announcement from AMD.

Earlier this week, word got out that the the press NDA on the R9 290X is scheduled to expire on October 15, just under two weeks from now. Now, VideoCardz reports that the NDA on 280X will be lifted on October 8th. VC says that this is when reviewers are allowed to publish their reviews and that cards with aftermarket cooling solutions will be available within a few days of this date. No word as of yet on the embargo date on the 270X.

If you missed out on our coverage of AMD's GPU14 Tech Day, hit up our recap here, watch the full presentation here, or scroll through our live blog for the most important moments.

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  • shahrooz
    no benchmarks yet?
  • Retaliator
    Is it possible to get some crossfire benchmarks on the new radeons compared to the current GTX offering when they finally get released.
  • mapesdhs
    "... AMD didn't actually when we ..."

    (I think 'say' or 'state' is missing from this sentence...)

    Presumably, useful benchmarks would depend on the availability of functional
    drivers, which as yet are not fully available for all situations. It might be better
    to wait until AMD has sorted out DX9/EyeFinity support, etc., otherwise we'll
    just have people complaining that any tests results will be invalid when the drivers
    get updated, demanding fresh tests.

    I'm just hoping for some hefty NVIDIA price cuts, and also maybe then some lower
    valuations of used 7970s. :)


  • gsxrme
    7970 = refresh R9-280X, nothing to get excited about. This is nothing more than GTX770 refresh of the GTX680. We shall only go YAY for the R9-290x that competes with the GTX780. AMD cores are far from equal to Nvidia cores, memory 512bit can't save it and give it the crown. But.... This is make Nvidia drop there prices alittle. Maybe $50
  • wdmfiber
    Anyone see the claimed gigaflop rating for the 290x? 6600 gigaflops! Humm, that appears way to high. I figured mature 28nm yields at TSCM would increase flop per watt, but that rating is just awesome! For comparison the Titan is 4500 and the 7970(GHz edition) 4300.
  • vir_cotto
    Excited, I hope they are good!
  • expl0itfinder
    "no benchmarks yet?"

    The article is about the lift date of the Non-Disclosure Agreement. That means that right now, no benchmarks can be released. As the article states:

    "the NDA on 280X will be lifted on October 8th. VC says that this is when reviewers are allowed to publish their reviews"
  • The_Trutherizer
    @mapesdhs: Nah I want benchmarks ASAP. As do most people who do not simply rely on AMD to stop NVidia charging 10 Gs for a graphics card.
  • mapesdhs
    Well, asap means what it means, rather than 'right now', so I'll leave it to toms & other sites
    to post data when they're allowed and when driver caveats mean it's the sensible thing to do.
    Nothing worse than posting data that's out of date and thus of little use in helping people
    make sensible buying decisions. I've been benching lots of older cards in SLI/CF, but I've
    stopped until AMD sorts out CF issues with DX9 support, otherwise I'd just end up with
    numbers which don't reflect later reality.


  • lilcinw
    Why not ask Chris when the NDA expires? Or is the expiration of the NDA covered by the NDA?