AMD to Webcast 2014 GPU Showcase on September 25

AMD might be finally taking the wraps off its highly anticipated next-generation graphics cards during a "special product showcase" that will take place at the "AMD GPU '14 Tech Day" on Wednesday, September 25, at 3 PM EDT (11 AM UTC).

The showcase will be webcast live at AMD's Investor Relations home page and will be available for replay at AMD's YouTube channel approximately one hour after the event's conclusion and hosted online for 30 days.

We will, of course, be in attendance for AMD's GPU '14 Tech Day, so be sure to stay tuned for our full coverage of the event.

  • aggroboy
    If this new GPU line is still at 28nm node, what does it mean for us performance-wise?
  • rolli59
    Looking forward for your comments on it!
  • sanilmahambre
    Hope to see a Red competitor for TITAN
  • Epis
    My body is ready.
  • Leamon
    Honestly, I would rather have them perfect their drivers. There are just so many issues with Crossifre, DX9, frame tearing, and .
  • wanderer11
    Leamon have you ever actually tried crossfire? I have 7870 CF and it works great. I have no tearing, don't notice microstutter, and dx9 runs fine.
  • thasan1
    @sanilmahambre i read somewhere that there won't be a GPU from AMD to compete with titan
  • ubercake
    It seems like AMD needs to take a step back and get their drivers in order. This would make any subsequent hardware release awesome news.

    For now, I don't see how they keep pumping out great hardware with sub-par drivers. I guess if people keep considering 2nd-rate performance as value, then AMD will see some success with a new gen of GPUs.
  • xerxces
    I recently went from two 6870's with constant driver and micro stutter problems to a EVGA 760 and I have t say Nividia won me over. Unless AMD really ups their game, I will be sticking to Nvidia.
  • ct001
    Seems funny that someone went through and thumbs-downed any criticism to AMD. I too would like to see better drivers, as I consistently have had issues with their drivers. Just because the drivers work fine for you, doesn't mean they work fine for everyone. Their hardware is good, and I love the idea behind HSA (zero-latency access to shared memory opens up a whole slew of previously difficult to GPU-ize algorithms).