Images, Benchmarks, Specifications of AMD's R9-290X

Earlier this month we reported some specifications of AMD's upcoming Radeon R9-290(X) cards, and now we bring you more. A new report from DG's Nerdy Story, which seems to have been taken offline, shows a number of pictures of the Radeon R9-290X card, as well as some benchmarks.

According to the earlier rumors, as well as newer reports, the card will supposedly feature up to 2816 stream processors, all of which will be split among 44 different clusters. In all likelihood, the Hawaii chips will feature either 32 or 64 ROPs along with about 176 TMUs. The chip will be built on the 28 nm lithography and manufactured by TSMC. It'll feature the GCN 2.0 architecture, as well as support for DirectX 11.2. The GPU is expected to be clocked at 900 MHz or above. The memory interface will be a 512-bit wide memory interface, carrying GDDR5 memory, though no reference capacity was mentioned in the report. The chip appears to carry a total of sixteen memory chips, which is where the idea of a 512-bit memory interface comes from, as 384-bit wide memory interfaces normally come with 12 memory chips.

Image Source: DG's Nerdy StoryImage Source: DG's Nerdy Story

Image Source: DG's Nerdy StoryImage Source: DG's Nerdy Story

In benchmarks, the card was earlier rumored to be faster than the GTX Titan, but less powerful than the GTX 690. The benchmarks posted on DG's Nerdy Story support this, and the card appears to be notably more powerful than the Titan. While the model name of the top graphics card is blanked out on the benchmark tables below, we'd say it's fairly safe to assume reference to either the Radeon R9-290X or the Radeon R9-290.Image Source: DG's Nerdy StoryImage Source: DG's Nerdy StoryImage Source: DG's Nerdy StoryImage Source: DG's Nerdy Story

There was no word on what the card would cost, though we can either expect it to be priced in-line or slightly above the GTX Titan. Below it by a fair margin is also a possibility if AMD wants to destroy the competition. That said, there are numerous sources pointing towards a price of just $600. AMD will likely be showcasing the GPUs this week, with sales kicking off around mid-to-end of October, starting with the Radeon R9-290 (Hawaii Pro) and the Radeon R9-290X (Hawaii XT).

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  • jimmysmitty
    Too bad that AvP is a AMD gaming evolved title and known to perform better on AMD GPUs.

    That said it is interesting how these benchmarks show it pulling ahead more with AA enabled than without AA enabled. That's a good sign.

    Again we must take these with a grain of salt but the PCB design looks just like a standard Sapphire designed card so it might be real.
  • bigshootr8
    It'll be interesting to see where things go with the new cards. The Titan card is a interesting card where its part gaming card part production card. So I'd say if this card is a full gaming card that it may be a bit of a unfair comparison and I'd be more interested in the normal retail cards. That fall in line with the 7970 7950 style rather then the $1k cards or the Dual GPU cards.
  • Duckhunt
    Come on AMD price it so low that Nvidia gets a heart attack. ha ha.