AMD Ryzen 1800X Appears Sold Out At Some Retailers (Updated)

(Update, 3/1/2017, 8:50 a.m. PST: Amazon now has the 1800X available for pre-order once again. It remains sold out at Newegg and other retailers, though, and it's not clear how much stock Amazon received between selling through its initial batch and putting the 1800X back up for pre-order.)

The AMD Ryzen hype train can't be stopped. Not long after the upcoming CPUs reached the top of Amazon's best sellers list, the 1800X has apparently started to sell out at some retailers, including Amazon itself. But fear not--some retailers still have the 1800X and its siblings available for pre-order.

AMD opened pre-orders for the Ryzen lineup just a couple of days ago. Yet the 1800X is currently unavailable from Amazon, which doesn't know when it will start to sell the product again, and Newegg says it's out of stock. Both still have the 1700 and 1700X in stock, at least for now. That doesn't help the Ryzen hopeful looking for the 1800X, though, so where are they supposed to spend their hard-earned cash on the high-end CPU?

Ryzen 7 1700X (Pre-Order)
Ryzen 7 1700 (Pre-Order)

NCIX in the U.S. and Canada still has the 1800X, 1700, and 1700X all available for pre-order. Memory Express (which is Canada-only) does too. AMD said on its website that Best Buy should have Ryzen available for pre-order, but the retailer appears to be restricted to pre-built systems. TigerDirect and Micro Center in the U.S. both appear to have the processors in stock, although Micro Center said that 1800X pre-orders are only available for in-store pickup.

Fry's also has all of the Ryzen lineup marked as out of stock for both in-store pickup and online orders. So if you're going to hop aboard the hype train before the lineup's March 2 debut, even though we have precious little solid information about performance, now might be the best time to do so.

Nathaniel Mott
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  • According to Guru3d SLI is supported only on x370. Ryzen is great CPU but chipset is just horrible.
  • Joe Black
    I have no doubt Ryzen will be a great chip, but I am happy that I have it in me to wait :)

    And btw... WHAT?! A CPU that beats the Intel flagship sold out? Probably already made more profits than that overpriced silicon real estate before it even shipped! Hectic...
  • Aflwdw
    Waiting for benchmarks and some higher end motherboards. Would like to see more love for ITX as well
  • IceMyth
    I personally will get the 1800x or 1700x in the next 4-6months as I really need the multi-threads 8/16 not for gaming for sure lol.
  • bradum
    I believe Canada Computers (Canada Only) also still has it available for pre-order.
  • Obie Trice
    @freak777power If you're going with SLI you have to but at least two 1070, so you should get a powerful CPU for that and I think that an x370 mobo is not a problem then.
  • RomeoReject
    Doesn't surprise me it's still available in Canada. There's only like, thirty of us up here.
  • Rogue Leader
    19343269 said:
    According to Guru3d SLI is supported only on x370. Ryzen is great CPU but chipset is just horrible.

    Horrible? To SLI you need $800 in GPUs, buying the highest end overclockable motherboard isn't a stretch. You do know only the Z170/Z270 support SLI on the Intel side. Also there are many affordable X370 options, you don't need a $260 Crosshair to do it.
  • didgetmaster
    I am developing a new multi-threaded data management system that can really take advantage of all the cores/threads for big data operations. It not only can run multiple queries simultaneously, but it can also break a single query into smaller pieces and often run those pieces in parallel threads for faster execution.

    I recently upgraded my old i7 3770K to an i7 6800K. I got a 50% boost in performance since it went from a quad core to a hex core CPU, but I had been hoping for more since that CPU is 3 generations ahead of my previous one.

    Now, I wish I had waited and got a 1700X or 1800X Ryzen box instead. I would love to see how my software performs on one of those systems. I am just glad I didn't splurge for the i7 6900K (I was tempted).
  • Wish0
    Waiting for the mini-itx boards =(