AMD Silently Rolls Out New EPYC Milan CPUs 2.5 Years After Launch

EPYC 7003 (Milan)
EPYC 7003 (Milan) (Image credit: AMD)

AMD has launched its Zen 4 architecture for a while now; however, there still appears to be a demand for Zen 3 processors - at least in the server and data center space. A week ago, the chipmaker quietly expanded the company's 3rd Generation EPYC 7003 (Milan) lineup with six new SKUs.

Milan came out in March of 2021 and has since been replaced by the 4th Generation EPYC 9004 (Genoa) series. The fact that AMD is launching new Milan processors a little over two and a half years after the initial launch implies there's still a demand to fulfill. Either that or AMD is simply disposing of leftover Zen 3 silicon. It adds up since AMD is shifting its focus over to Zen 4 with a plethora of planned EPYC products, including Genoa-X with 3D V-Cache, Bergamo, and Siena, with the latter two being based on Zen 4c, a denser variant of Zen 4. Then, there's also the future Zen 5-powered 5th Generation EPYC Turin that will come out in 2024.

AMD (via momomo_us) has fleshed out its Milan portfolio on September 5. The six new Milan models include EPYC 7663P, EPYC 7643P, EPYC 7303P, EPYC 7303, EPYC 7203P, and EPYC 7203. The EPYC 7663P and EPYC 7643P are fundamentally the single-socket versions of the EPYC 7663 and EPYC 7643, retaining the exact specifications. The bright side is that EPYC 7663P and EPYC 7643P have MSRPs around half of their regular counterparts. The SKUs represent a significant saving for companies with no plans to use a dual-socket configuration.

AMD EPYC 7003 (Milan) Specifications

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ModelLaunch DateCoresThreadsBase Clock (GHz)Boost Clock (GHz)L3 Cache (MB)1kU PricingSocket CountPCIe 4.0 LanesTDP (W)cTDP (W)
EPYC 776303/15/2021641282.453.500256 $7,890 1P/2P128280225-280
EPYC 7713P03/15/2021641282.003.675256 $5,010 1P128225225-240
EPYC 771303/15/2021641282.003.675256 $7,060 1P/2P128225225-240
EPYC 7663P09/05/2023561122.003.500256 $3,139 1P128240225-280
EPYC 766303/15/2021561122.003.500256 $6,366 1P/2P128240225-240
EPYC 7643P09/05/202348962.303.600256 $2,722 1P128225225-240
EPYC 764303/15/202148962.303.600256 $4,995 1P/2P128225225-240
EPYC 75F303/15/202132642.954.000256 $4,860 1P/2P128280225-280
EPYC 7543P03/15/202132642.803.700256 $2,730 1P128225225-240
EPYC 754303/15/202132642.803.700256 $3,761 1P/2P128225225-240
EPYC 751303/15/202132642.603.650128 $2,840 1P/2P128200165-200
EPYC 745303/15/202128562.753.45064 $1,570 1P/2P128225225-240
EPYC 74F303/15/202124483.204.000256 $2,900 1P/2P128240225-240
EPYC 7443P03/15/202124482.854.000128 $1,337 1P128200165-200
EPYC 744303/15/202124482.854.000128 $2,010 1P/2P128200165-200
EPYC 741303/15/202124482.653.600128 $1,825 1P/2P128180165-200
EPYC 73F303/15/202116323.504.000256 $3,521 1P/2P128240225-240
EPYC 734303/15/202116323.203.900128 $1,565 1P/2P128190165-200
EPYC 7313P03/15/202116323.003.700128 $913 1P128155155-180
EPYC 731303/15/202116323.003.700128 $1,083 1P/2P128155155-180
EPYC 7303P09/05/202316322.403.40064 $594 1P128130120-150
EPYC 730309/05/202316322.403.40064 $604 1P/2P128130120-150
EPYC 72F303/15/20218163.704.100256 $2,468 1P/2P128180165-200
EPYC 7203P09/05/20238162.803.40064 $338 1P128120120-150
EPYC 720309/05/20238162.803.40064 $348 1P/2P128120120-150

Meanwhile, the EPYC 7203 and EPYC 7203P are the new entry-level Milan SKUs. They feature an octa-core, 16-thread design with a 2.8 GHz base clock and 3.4 GHz boost clock. The duo also offer 64MB of L3 cache and a modest 120W TDP. While their core count isn't anything to brag about, the EPYC 7203 and EPYC 7203P are still Milan parts by nature and continue to deliver 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes. The EPYC 7203 and EPYC 7203P are the cheapest Milan SKUs that money can buy. The EPYC 7203 has a $348 MSRP, while the EPYC 7203P costs just $10 less.

On the other hand, the EPYC 7303 and EPYC 7303P offer 16 cores and 32 threads but with rocks the same 64MB L3 cache as the EPYC 7203 and EPYC 7203P. Their base clocks are 400 MHz slower, but the boost clock remains unchanged. Despite having double the cores, the EPYC 7303 and EPYC 7303P only draw 10W more than the EPYC 7203 and EPYC 7203P. Regarding pricing, the EPYC 7303 and EPYC 7303P have $604 and $594 MSRPs, respectively. The difference between the 1P and 2P parts is just $10.

Milan is ready to sail off to the sunset soon. The product stack looks completed, so AMD's unlikely to have any more Zen 3 debris to throw away.

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  • Nikolay Mihaylov
    bjorka1 said:
    EPYC 7303 would be the game changer of this series. Their processing capability and speed is far better than any other models available. Basically it's a server processor, that's why it released silently.

    I would be wary whether the 64MB L3 cache implies that the 7303(P) are implemented with 2 CPU chiplets only. If that is the case, they can not saturate the 8 channel memory controller. One needs at least 4 chiplest for that due to the speed of the InfinityFabric links. They might be a good fit for IO-oriented workloads, where the unutilised bandwidth is used for the IO transfers. But that is to say, they seem to be quite specialized SKUs.