AMD Announces 32-core Threadripper 2, Shows 7nm EPYC CPU

AMD announced that it is launching its second-gen Threadripper processors in Q3 2018. These new models will stretch up to 32 cores and 64 threads and feature the new 12nm Zen+ architecture. The processors also feature many of the same enhancements we've seen on the second-gen Ryzen processors, such as increased single-core frequencies, higher multi-core boost frequencies, and reduced memory latency.

AMD's Threadripper processors have a distributed MCM (Multi-Chip Module) design that connects multiple eight-core packages via the Infinity Fabric. Instead of the two active Zeppelin die we found with the original first-gen Threadripper models, the new lineup wields four total active die. AMD will also have 24-core second-gen Threadripper models, but hasn't specified how many models the new family will have or their core counts. AMD also hasn't provided pricing specifics yet.

AMD has a new wave of X399 refresh motherboards coming to market now, but the new Threadripper processors are also backwards compatible with existing X399 motherboards.We've been told that many existing X399 motherboards may struggle with the increased power consumption of the newer models, so VRM-imposed throttling could become an issue..

We've already seen several new X399 motherboards here at the show, like the new MSI X399 MEG Creation that we spotted earlier this week. This motherboard comes with a beefy power delivery subsystem to accommodate the higher TDP rating of the second-gen Threadripper processors, which we've heard can stretch up to 250W. Head over to our article for deeper coverage.

Intel isn't going to cede the core count leadership position to AMD without a fight, though. The company demoed a new 28-core desktop CPU yesterday during its keynote. Intel demoed the processor at 5.0 GHz, but after further inspection, we found that the company used a chilled water cooler to accomplish the feat. In either case, Intel's new lineup of HEDT processor should find the two companies trading blows yet again this year. If history is any indication, AMD should have the pricing advantage.

Lisa Su also displayed a 7nm EPYC processor, which is coming to market this year, and the world's first 7nm Radeon Instinct Vega GPU with 32GB of HBM2, but those leading models are destined for the data center. AMD says that 7nm gaming GPUs will follow early next year.

We have meetings scheduled with AMD executives in the coming minutes, so we will update this article as we learn more.

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  • george.fontano
    S... just got real
    May the core count war begin!
  • chicofehr
    a 32core threadripper would be a noticeable upgrade to my phenom x6
  • yorich
    "This motherboard comes with a beefy power delivery subsystem to accommodate the higher YDP rating of the Threadripper 2 processors" YDP? Who proofs these articles? a 6 year old?