AMD's Trinity Pictured, May Launch on October 1

The publication shows five different models, the dual core A6-5400K (3.6/3.8 GHz), as well as the quad-core models A6-5500 (3.2/3.7 GHz), A6-5600K (3.6/3.9 GHz), A6-5700 (3.4/4.0 GHz) and A6-5800K (3.8/4.2 GHz).

AMD is expected to launch its retail desktop Trinity processors in October. According to Hermitage Akihabara, the official launch date will be October 1.

All desktop Trinity processor integrate AMD's Piledriver CPU core as well as Radeon HD 7000 series graphics. The flagship processor, the A6-5800K with unlocked multiplier, will use a 7660D integrated GPU that uses 384 stream processors clocked at 800 MHz. The entry level 5400K gets a 7540D GPU with 192 processors.


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  • farensabri
    abitomsall the apus listed in the article are listed as a6. really?

    i assume those are typo-errors ....there is no A6-5800K ... 5800K is an A10 part.
  • Marco925
    spookymanAnd a Sandy Bridge I5 2500k will beat them all.

    you failed to mention how that intel is also like twice the price, dude stop comparing a cadillac to a corolla.
  • Other Comments
  • tului
    I wonder why no A8 or A10?
  • abitoms
    all the apus listed in the article are listed as a6. really?
  • Maxx_Power
    Maybe they are holding those names for the full-functionality Pile Driver cores.