AMD Trinity Desktop Chip Schedule Challenges Mobo Makers

Mainboard manufacturers told German publication heise online that only samples are available to them at this time as AMD intends to get rid of its pile of Llano processors before Trinity is released. If correct, don't expect to get a retail desktop Trinity CPU before the Christmas season is in full swing.

AMD somewhat confirmed the manufacturer statements by telling heise that only major vendors such as Acer, Asus, HP and Lenovo are getting Trinity chips right now. Retail chips will be made available "later" this year, AMD said. Manufacturers are not exactly pleased and complain that they cannot get their finalized board designs into production. They also said they lost contacts at AMD due to the layoffs at the chip maker.

It appears that AMD is clearly prioritizing its supply and is getting Trinity into the hands of those that may otherwise decide to completely rely on Intel's Ivy Bridge for this Back-to-School season. However, AMD is compromising the possible impact of Trinity by making enthusiasts wait.

  • styrkes
    "get rid of its pile of Llano"

    but who wants them? I want Trinity.
  • serendipiti
    styrkes"get rid of its pile of Llano"but who wants them? I want Trinity.Me too,
    but I will go for Ivy Bridge. Just plug a graphics card if more gpu is needed.
  • dudewitbow
    At first, i was waiting for them to be released in june for a build for my friend. rumors had gone through saying it was in august, a little disapointed, but was still willing to wait. news of it saying its no later then october, which is way past the deadline i was going to make the build for sadly.
  • ojas
    AMD's Trinity desktop CPUs, originally scheduled with a June introduction date, are now expected to arrive no earlier than October.
    Heh. Deja vu?
  • capt_taco
    they're delayed like Bulldozer, let's just hope they don't suck like Bulldozer.
  • hardcore_gamer
    Where is the desktop piledriver ? If it can reach anywhere near 80-90% performance of 2600k at half the price, I'll get one.
  • SteelCity1981
    if the desktop Trinity's are like what we saw compared to Llano on the mobile side of performance then it really isn't going to yield that much more improvement on the cpu side of things. Where it does offer a lot better performance in the GPU side of things and that is the bread and butter of AMD's APU's. A dream APU chip would be to have Ivy Bridges cou performances with AMD's GPU performance. One can only dream. :)
  • grundfunk
    Who really sucks ? The radical new processor , or the 9/10 blindfolded tech journalists who like it better XD
  • archange
    Mainboard manufacturers told German publication heise online that only samples are available ...

    I do believe that Heise Online should be capitalized, since it's the name of a media outlet.
  • Reynod
    The A8 Llano and even the E450 Zacate (previous gen) are a great cpu ... nothing wrong with them.

    AMD must have a fair bit of stock.

    I picked up an E450 notebook for a song ... they won't take long to clear them.

    I'd say August rather than September ...