AMD's Ryzen 5 7600X Available on Chinese Flea Market

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Large companies like AMD ship thousands of engineering sample CPUs to their partners in China, so it isn't surprising that some of those units end up on flea markets weeks before official release dates. This time around, someone in China has begun selling engineering samples of AMD's Ryzen 5 7600X six-core processor. Naturally, the product runs at lower clocks than retail models, but if you want to own a Zen 4-based engineering sample CPU before its launch, you can now find one.

The chip is now available from Goofish (h/t to @9550pro) for 9999 CNY ($1217 without VAT). The CPU is not engraved with its official model number, but it carries the OPN code 100-000000593-20, corresponding to the Ryzen 7 7600X (at least according to previous leaks). 

This engineering sample's biggest drawback, apart from its absurdly high price, is its maximum frequency of 4.40 GHz, which is 300 MHz lower than the rumored 4.7 GHz maximum turbo clock on the retail model. Lower clocks are common on early engineering samples, but potential bugs could be a bigger problem with early engineering samples.

Considering that AMD's Ryzen 7000-series 'Raphael' processors, as well as supporting platforms, are just weeks away, we doubt it makes a lot of sense to get an engineering sample of these CPUs this late and at this price unless someone really wants to get hold of AMD's next-generation product ahead of the others, no matter the cost. Yet, such people should be aware of potential issues with early samples that are not meant for commercial PCs anyway.

The seller claims that the CPU is functioning, and he will advise its future owners where to get an AM5 motherboard before their official release this September. However, considering that the seller wants to get quite some money for this processor, we can only wonder how much the motherboard will cost.

Anton Shilov
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  • escksu
    Don't see the point. It will be out in retail in less than a month. You still need to get the board as well. I though there are news that AMD delayed the launch due to agesa issue?
  • zechs88
    He is not selling it, just showing in platform