The Antec Lanboy Case Air Up Close

Over at the Antec booth for COMPUTEX 2010, company reps were busy showcasing new PC components, including the Antec LanBoy Air.

From first impressions, the LanBoy Air looks like a bunch of mesh coverings held up by a solid frame. The frame itself features multiple screw holes all over, which allows for a certain degree of customization. On all sides of the case it's possible to mix-and-match case fans, covers, motherboard mounts, PSU placement, and even the radiator of a water-cooling system. 

Theoretically, it's possible to line most of these areas with fans, for maximum air flow. The only component of the case that should remain constant is the front-port assembly, which features one USB 3.0 compatible port.

Drives are mounted sideways, through a door that opens on the left side (if viewing the front of the case). Antec's demo setup featured hard drives mounted on an elastic support system, supposedly to provide better shock protection, vibration reduction, and noise suppression. Two handles swivel away from the top of the case, making this product decidedly aimed at LAN party gurus. Physically strong LAN gamers that is. With a weight over 9kg, the LanBoy Air isn't for the faint of heart and weak of muscle.

Antec's reps were pretty mum about the price, despite repeated attempts to get them to provide an estimate. They did reveal that they were aiming for an August 2010 release (at the latest), currently working with partners to being mass production. You can bet though that, with all the customization possibilities promised, the Antec LanBoy Air won't be for the budget market.

  • polly the parrot
    Sort of ugly isn't it?
  • nforce4max
    polly the parrotSort of ugly isn't it?
    Not really, its looks far better than those ugly Dell clam shells and countless other examples.
  • deadly4u
    Hell YES.

    This is a beefin' case.
  • Interesting design, I've seen much better though!
  • liquidsnake718
    For a lan or network case this is interesting, its got a vibrant look especially with the yellow. Internet cafes of 2010;s should be using this for the hub PC
  • kelfen
    the case sure draws my attention to say the least
  • dEAne
    No its not ugly. How much does it cost and where can we buy this?
  • grillz9909
  • surrept420
    UHh yep.. It's fugly. Wouldn't have that in my studio if you paid me.
  • JackNaylorPE
    Looks fugly with yellow .... hope one can buy the original version shown at CES back in January. See the video .... very functional design. Hopefully we actually be able to buy one soon though I am more interested in the DF-85 which I expect will drop at the same time. If it's not about to drop, this is kinda "old news"