AOC 27-Inch 2K Monitor Down to $279 at Amazon

AOC Monitor
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Today at Amazon, the AOC Q27G3XMN 27-inch gaming monitor has been marked down to its best price to date. This display usually goes for around $309 but right now is discounted to just $279. It's not clear how long this price will be available.

This monitor has plenty of quality specs to get excited about and is suitable for gamers, casual users, professionals, or anyone who finds themselves using digital media on the regular. It has a dense QHD resolution, a wide selection of inputs, and is supported with a good warranty from AOC.

AOC Q27G3XMN Monitor: now $279 at Amazon

AOC Q27G3XMN Monitor: now $279 at Amazon (was $309)
The AOC Q27G3XMN is available at Amazon for one of its best prices yet. It uses a 27-inch VA panel with a QHD resolution. It has a few input options including both HDMI and a DisplayPort input.

The AOC Q27G3XMN gaming monitor features a 27-inch VA panel with a dense 2K resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It’s capable of reaching a refresh rate as high as 180Hz (using the DisplayPort) and has a 1ms response time.

This monitor has plenty in the way of color support, as well, covering 134% of the sRGB color gamut. Users have two HDMI ports to take advantage of along with one DisplayPort input. A 3.5mm audio jack is available for external audio peripherals. It’s supported by Amazon’s 3-day return policy as well as a 3-year replacement warranty and 1-year of accidental damage coverage from AOC.

Visit the AOC Q27G3XMN gaming monitor product page at Amazon for more details and purchase options.

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  • Ryiah
    You missed the most important parts: DisplayHDR 1000 with 336 dimming zones. Without those it's at best a very mediocre monitor, but the fact that it's the cheapest HDR monitor you can find by a long shot makes it worth buying. I bought mine a few days ago and I love it.