Dell Uses 'Apples to Apples' Comparison to Show How Its PCs are Better Than Macs

Along with Microsoft, Dell has also erected a page up on its website comparing Apples to Apples.

Dell pits its Studio 15 and 17 laptop line up against the equivalent MacBook Pro model and its desktop offerings up against the Mac Mini and iMac.

Not surprisingly, the Dell machines come out radically cheaper, especially when it comes to the laptops. Dell even compares some of the pre-loaded loaded software that between the machines in a Windows Live Essentials vs. iLife showdown.

What isn't compared, however, are the more technical aspects, such as battery life, size and weight, display panel type and resolution, among other things.

Check out Dell's comparison site here or the screen captures below.

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  • jonpaul37
    LOL, PC united!
  • smeker
    kristoffeapple laptops are made for people who believe in excess and have very large ego problems. our world sits around us crumbling, and people starving, stealing, dying, yet people have the audacity to purchase 2 or 3 apple media products and laim they are necessities. some of these people are 'urban planners'. boo. save some of that money and help yourself or those in need.

    The hypocrite speaks....

    What kind of shoes are you wearing and what do you drive to work... Do you know where all those products you use are made?
  • insider3
    PC = Best bang for the buck. But even you must admit, if you can sell water to a whale like Apple does, you would.
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  • jonpaul37
    LOL, PC united!
  • Anonymous
    Well, that makes me even more proud of my Studio 1555.
  • flightmare
    Kind of odd why they display 'buy now' right next to the savings instead of the original price. Now they look more expensive while quickly reading the page.