Arctic's Freezer 33, 33 Plus, 33 CO All Have Zero-RPM Fan Modes

A few weeks ago Arctic introduced its Freezer i32 Plus CPU cooler, and today the cooling manufacturer is back with three new units: the Freezer 33, Freezer 33 Plus, and Freezer 33 CO. The three coolers all come with the same heatsink assembly, but differ in their fan options – the standard Freezer 33 comes with a single 120mm fan, the Plus variant comes with two, and the CO model packs a different 120mm fan built for continuous operation.

The heatsink measures 150mm tall and 123mm wide. Without fans, it is 52mm thick, and each fan adds 25mm to that figure. Heat is drawn from the CPU and pushed to the fin stack with four 6mm thick direct-contact heatpipes. The fin stack consists of 49 0.5mm thick aluminum fins.

To push air through the heatsink Arctic has two fans, but aside from the bearing both offer the same spec sheet. They will spin at speeds between 0-1,350 RPM, producing up to 0.3 Sone, which roughly translates to somewhere between 22-23 dBA (Arctic, if you’re reading this, please supply your noise levels in dBA) whilst drawing 0.2A at 12V. The standard white F12 PWM fan comes with a fluid dynamic bearing with an extra oil reservoir for longer life, whereas the gray fan on the CO version of the cooler has a dual ball dynamic bearing for an even longer lifetime.

Topping the kit off, all versions of the Freezer 33 come with a zero-RPM feature, which stops the fans from spinning when the PWM duty level sits below 40% – a creative way to get a semi-passive CPU cooler, considering that many motherboards won’t allow you to fully switch off the CPU fan, even at lower temperatures.The Freezer 33 coolers come with mounting hardware for all major Intel and AMD sockets, including the new AM4 socket for Ryzen.

Arctic’s Freezer 33 and Freezer 33 Plus will be available any moment now, with the Freezer CO available for pre-order for April. The single-fan Freezer 33 costs $46, whereas the dual-fan model and the CO variant will sell for $50.

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  • thently
    Please tell me why this design keeps coming up as new... This same heatpipe with 2 fans has been around for 10 plus years how do these companies keep calling these new products... Is there nowhere else to go to better this design... Oh well I'm bored now carry on.
  • robodan918
    For the price, the i32 is unbeatable. 25 quid on I added a second Arctic F12 PWM fan (the same as the first one that comes with the i32) for an extra 5er... not that it really needed it. Used Arctic Silver 5 (as I have for years). My i7-6700 CPU idles around 30C and never even touches 60C even overclocked 5% on a Z170 board (yes, I'm a very safe overclocker). One year on it's still performing like a champ.

    I see no difference with the i33 and no reason to pick it (were I planning a new build)
  • burtman88
    lol well With the 7700k temp problems it will never be at Zero