Asetek announces harddrive cooling system

Broenderslev, Denmark - Asetek, manufacturer of Vapochill CPU cooling system, said that it will introduce one of the first cooling kits for harddrives. The company claims that the kit can reduce harddrive temperatures by up to 42 percent.

Cool system environments are a common concern for PC enthusiasts, so it was just a matter of time when not only the CPU but also other components get some additional tools to cool down. Next to its Vapochill line, Asetek announced that it will make its harddrive cooling kit "Waterchill" available.

According to the firm, the kits are dimensioned with enough excess capacity to effectively cool up to eight hard drives. Separate 5 1/4 ' and/or 3 1/2' hard drive coolers can be obtained as accessories and added to the Waterchill kits without further modification.

Cooling performance is rated at 34 to 42 percent which translates in a reduction of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Asetek posted its own test results where a 50 degree Celsius harddrive was cooled to 28 degrees Celsius with a 5 1/4 ' inch system and to 33 degrees Celsius with a 3 1/2' cooler without gap filler.

The Waterchill kits are prices at about $252 and $263 plus value added tax.