Case Mod: Cooler Master S Aston Martin Look

The build was created in 80 hours of work using a Cooler Master S case. There is plenty of bling and, while there is no genuine Aston Martin part with the exception of logos attached to the case, it surely looks the part with crème leather handles, wood vinyl and carbon fiber foil, enhanced lighting as well as an analog watch that was sourced from a 2006 Mercury Milan. The outside of the case, however, is a matter of taste and die-hard Aston Martin fans may claim that the round edges would be more appropriate for a Hyundai and clash with the current Aston Martin design language.

However, the inside of the case which was created using "a combination of stainless steel roof flashing and chrome side molding kit from an Auto Supply company" are the much more impressive part that give the case a clean look and make it easy to use when hardware needs to be accessed.

  • danwat1234
    Hmm, no thanks, probably guzzles energy like an Aston Martin does, and expensive to repair. Got an un-riced Civic case?
  • Kami3k
    danwat1234Hmm, no thanks, probably guzzles energy like an Aston Martin does, and expensive to repair. Got an un-riced Civic case?
    Um... ok?????
  • JohnnyLucky
    I like it. Very classy look to it!
  • getochkn
    I refuse to look at any pics on toms. Clicking a pic gives about the same size pic in a new page, then you click again to get it opened in a new window without resizing, then you have to close that, go back on the new page to click another picture into a new page and click to see it bigger in a new window again.

    Lightbox Tom's, it's like 6 years old and works on mobiles even.
  • rinval
    that is a very nice mod. Beautifully done! it is very clean!

    My only concern would be fear of overheating issues as the cpu etc is air cooled. all the drives and PSU are completely enclosed other then what air is pushed behind the motherboard tray and gaps in the molding. I would think the system would have trouble with adequate airflow. you may consider perforating the motherboard side of your molding with some holes in some kind of pattern, maybe some cool looking Aston Martin logo out of holes. that should fix any airflow issues.
  • killerclick
    I don't like the combination of wood (or anything that looks like wood) and high tech. It's simply jarring.
  • face-plants
    Absolutely gorgeous
  • Inferno1217
    Anybody else notice the absence of a proper video card? Why spend all your money on the case and then have inferior parts inside? If your going to mod the case then go all out inside also. I agree the wood is dreadful. It would have been nice to see the wood in a color Aston's come with.
  • beoza
    I think it looks quite good. The lighting is a really nice touch around the knobs and on the analog clock face. Not a case I would want personally but they did an outstanding job on it's execution. It kind of has that refined look you expect in a luxury car.
  • Antimatter79
    Very clean look, although before I clicked on the link, I was hoping to see that massive Aston Martin grille with a 120mm fan cooling the front.