No More 8.9-inch Netbooks From Asus

If you’ve been eyeing that 8.9-inch Eee PC, it might be time to consider picking one up while they’re still around.

According t

o Digitimes, Asus will completely phase out its 8.9-inch netbooks by sometime later this year.

Asus Asia-Pacific president Benson Lin said that 10-inch models are becoming the “mainstream specification.” It’s unclear if that comment was made in reaction to sales statistics from 2008, or if it’s something determined by Asus’ marketing department.

At any rate, 10-inch models will account for 95 percent of Eee PC shipments with the remaining 5 percent being 7-inch models for telecom service operators.

While we do have an overwhelming preference for the 10-inch netbooks, (us being writers who really do appreciate that 92 percent sized keyboard), it’s hard to imagine there not being a more significant market for those who are willing to sacrifice typing comfort for a more portable form factor.

Tell us in the comments which netbook size you prefer and why.

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • Master Exon
    That's a good start.
  • mforce2
    It won't be a problem. There are plenty manufacturers out there now who will probably continue making 9 inch models.
    Acer will probably continue making those netbooks of theirs that have been selling so well.
  • mdillenbeck
    I wonder if this will impact the T91, which is suppose to be an 8.9 inch netbook in a convertible tablet PC form factor.
  • I think this is a hoax.
    Asus claimed it will release the T91 just a couple of months ago, and the 901 series eeepc's are bestsellers, sell more than the 10" versions!

    A 10" notebook may fit a near to full sized keyboard, but it is also a near sized laptop!
    The resolution of this device is the same as on the 9" version,
    yet the performance and battery life is lower!
    The 9" version is still the sweet spot to me!
    Their previous 7" versions where a bit too small.
  • theuerkorn
    Well, it may just be that consumers realize that an ultra-portable laptop is what they really want and smartphones can easily fill in for the rest. I guess to some degree the same is true with PDAs that grew to big by trying to be everything. I mean, if I want it with me all the time it needs to fit in my pocket. If not, I need a bag anyway and the difference between the netbook and the ultraportable is very small in that regard. In fact, I would argue that the MacBook Air is probably easier to store since it's thinner.
  • Enginerd
    I love my Eee PC 900A. Just small enough to fit in my pocket. It is sad that they will all get bigger. I guess I will just have to buy my next netbook from Acer. Besides, from what I have seen they are of better quality and cheaper.
  • 7 inch notebooks are almost 8.9 inch size and the screen looks terrible. 901 is my favourite that it has no large edges and If I was going to buy a 10" pc why would I pay extra for it when I can buy 13.3"s at a great price_
  • resonance451
    I've heard good things about Acer.

    On another note, a member of my family got a small netbook that had a 5" screen, 20gb HDD, and some pretty powerful internal components. Got it from Hong Kong seven years ago.

    I personally would rather have a slightly larger screen and the ability to actually type on a properly sized keyboard. Otherwise I'm wasting my time getting a netbook and should just use a smartphone or a wifi capable device like a PSP, because I think it's ridiculous to have something that's larger than those devices yet lacks some of the biggest advantages of a laptop.
  • kirch
    I bought an EEE900 last summer for the kids to try before University. We all felt the keyboard was too small for any large amount of typing. Instead they each got a 1000H. The difference in the keyboards is phenomenal. The 1" larger screen is just that little bit easier to read, especially for locating the vertical cursor. Yes, the larger battery and screen are a little heavier and bulkier than the 9", but we all think the trade-off is worth it. I am not surprised that ASUS is dropping the 9" model. And from what I have been reading, ACER is moving up an inch now as well. The usability/portability line seems to be drawn at 10".
  • nachowarrior
    i sell tons of the 8.9's, profit margin must be higher on 10's