Asus Preparing Updated ROG Scar 16 Gaming Laptop With i9-14900HX: Benchmark

Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 2023
(Image credit: Asus)

According to a benchmark result from PugetSystems, Asus is preparing to release an updated version of its ROG SCAR 16 gaming notebook, packing Intel's upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh Core i9-14900HX mobile CPU. The chip's specifications are unknown, but we suspect the 14900HX will receive the same treatment as Intel's desktop Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs.

This is the second leak we've reported on in two days surrounding mobile variants of Intel's 14th Gen CPU lineup, increasing the probability of these leaks being real. If true, it confirms that that Intel will be bringing its 14th Gen refreshed architecture to the mobile market, rather than skipping to Meteor Lake straight from 13th Gen Raptor Lake mobile.

If Intel follows the same philosophy for its 14th-gen mobile chips as it does with its desktop lineup, we can expect the i9-14900HX to feature a minor increase in clock speeds over the i9-13900HX. That includes the P cores, and E cores as well as the base clocks and boost clocks of each core type. As a result, the 14900HX could potentially have clock speeds of up to 5.6GHz — matching the previous gen i9-13980HX flagship.

Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 2023

(Image credit: Asus)

Asus isn't the only laptop manufacturer rumored to be using Intel's new Raptor Lake Refresh mobile chips. Videocardz reports that Lenovo is also preparing to launch an updated series of Legnion 9 laptops packing the i9-14900HX as well. On top of that, a couple of lower-end Legion 7 and Legion 5 gaming laptops were also spotted, featuring Core i7-14700HX and i7-14650HX Raptor Lake Refresh processors.

It makes sense for Intel to expand its 14th Gen lineup to the laptop market, even though Meteor Lake will be arriving shortly. Meteor Lake performance is not expected to improve beyond 13th Gen Raptor Lake and is focused squarely on improving power efficiency and features. With the 14th Gen, Intel is capable of segmenting Raptor Lake Refresh to the mid-range and high-end gaming laptop market, where CPU performance is prioritized, leaving Meteor Lake to deal with mainstream consumer laptops.

We aren't saying this is definitively how things will play out, but it seems likely this will be the direction Intel will go, if these Raptor Lake Refresh chips actually launch in more than a couple mobile gaming rigs.

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