Asus Motherboard Sports USB 3.0 Ports

Earlier this month we reported that we'd likely be seeing USB 3.0-enabled PCs before the end of the year.

That's looking more likely now that we've discovered shots of the first motherboard with USB 3.0 ports all decked out with blue connectors. See the photo below, as snapped by Chinese forum Xfastest.

The motherboard is the Asus P6X58 Premium model, which aside from the new-generation USB interface, supports Core i7, six DDR3 memory slots and three PCI-Express 2.0 slots.

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  • Anonymous
    Sweet this what i was waiting for now transferring files from external usb hard drives will be much faster.
  • paranoidmage
    Now we just need a southbridge that supports it natively. I don't know why Intel doesn't push this technology more when they help develop it.

    It's all good news, though.
  • Anonymous
    would be nice if i didn't just buy a new motherboard!