Backify Offers 512 GB Free Online Backup Storage

A new cloud-based storage service called Backify is now up and running that currently offers anyone 512 GB of free space for automatically backing up files. The Vancouver-based company also provides additional premium services that grant unlimited backup space for more than one computer, and additional Dropbox-like "briefcase" space that will sync files between all PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

According to the company, the service is extremely easy to use: simply create an account, download the Backify software and install it. Once installed, the software automatically starts backing up files selected by the user to Backify's "safe and secure" servers. Given that this is for backup purposes only, the files can't be shared or editied directly from additional devices. That's where the briefcase comes in.

"When you buy the briefcase, the Backify software adds a Network Drive to your My Computer or Mac Finder, where you can drag and drop files," a spokesperson said on Thursday. "Install Backify software on all your computers and share and sync files between them. Access your files from anywhere, in a browser or on your mobile. Share a file/folder with your friends or Public, accessible from any browser."

Backify provides six different plans, one of which is the free 512 GB account. This base model supports file monitoring which will update your backup whenever files on the PC or Mac are altered. The service will even keep 30 versions of your files, and stream music and video to any registered device. The "Unlimited Backup" version, costing $5.99 per month, lifts the 512 GB limit and supports up to five separate backups.

As for the three additional "Briefcase" services, these simply build upon the Backup Unlimited plan by adding an additional 512 GB ($9.99/mo), 1 TB ($14.99/mo), 1.5 TB ($19.99/mo) or 2 TB ($24.99/mo) of sharable storage. Files stored in this area can be edited from anywhere and from any authorized device. Briefcase also comes with FTP (and FTP resume), SFTP and WebDav support.

"Email your files to Backify and they are automatically stored in your Briefcase, and synced among your computers," the company said. "Your backups are private and secure in the cloud. Your files are encrypted, and can be accessed only by you. Your data is stored in a state-of-the-art data center."

So far Backify supports the Windows platform, the Mac platform, and iOS devices. Currently there's no word on support for Android. For more information about Backify, head here.

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  • Thunderfox
    512GB? Hard drives are cheap but not that cheap. a 3TB drive would accommodate 6 people, none of whom are paying anything. Talk about overselling. They are counting on no one at all using anything close to what they are offering.

    I'm sure the pirates will find some way to use it for distributing warez.
  • ichihaifu
    512gb of free space, what has world come to?
    Or this is simply a typo.
  • zhihao50
    nope it says so on their website

    but remember its cloud based so they are not going to keep exactly 512Gb of physical harddrive space per customer. they are actually only going to provision only a fraction of it as real storage and expand it as it get used up by people.