Bambu Lab A1, Speedy 'Bed Slinger' 3D Printer Coming December 14th

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Bambu Lab has teased an upcoming, high-speed 3D printer, due to launch December 14th.  The company's Tweet merely shows a rendering a of a printer that looks a lot like the Bambu Lab A1 mini and says "Big bro is coming for the holidays." Just from image and the language, you might guess that this upcoming device will be the full-size Bambu Lab A1 (non-mini). 

And indeed, 3D printing influencer Uncle Jessy later posted an image of the box (which the company had sent him with permission to post), which makes clear that the new printer is indeed the Bambu Lab A1, a bed-slinger-style, open-frame printer which, like its sibling, will run fast and have an optional AMS unit for multicolor. 

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Some reviewers and influencers, including Uncle Jessy, have gotten their hands on the new Bambu Lab A1, though coverage is embargoed. However, as far as we know, only Uncle Jessy was allowed to post a picture and only of the box. Bambu Lab has sent us a review unit as well and we will post our review on the 14th when the embargo is lifted. 

Details are scant about the new Bambu Lab A1 but the same can’t be said for the A1 Mini. We published our review of the Bambu Lab A1 Mini in October of this year and were overall very impressed with its performance. 

Although it’s a bed slinger, it was able to reach notably fast speeds that rival some of Bambu Lab’s Core XY printers. Our biggest gripe was the lack of build volume which is alleviated by the release of the Bambu Lab A1.

We don’t know how much the new printer will cost but it will undoubtedly be a bit more than the A1 Mini. The base A1 Mini model is $299 (this does not include an AMS) which would put the A1 at potentially $399 or $499. We will share more information about the price when it’s officially confirmed.

You can currently pre-order the Bambu Lab A1 Mini if build volume isn’t a huge concern for you. If you want to hold out for the A1, follow Bambu Lab and check back on December 14th to see what it brings to the table.

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  • Conor Stewart
    A1 Mini is already a quick printer, largely thanks to a Klipper firmware and input shaping
    I can't find anything saying that the A1M or any bambu lab printer runs klipper. Yes they have a form of input shaping and the A1M has noise cancellation but nowhere does it say they run klipper and neither of those two features mean they run klipper. Prusa has a form of input shaping now, marlin support input shaping and linear advance, the features aren't unique to klipper. As far as I know bambu develop the firmware all themselves.